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Rosalina Edmondson and Richard Manthie Wiki – Rosalina Edmondson and Richard Manthie Biography

Rosalina Edmondson was a Filipina who married several men in the US in the late 1970s and early 1980s to secure a place in the country. However, her journey ended when she was found guilty of the murder of her third husband, Bill Edmondson, a US Navy serviceman. The strange part was that she cheated on her ex-husband, Richard Manthi, who has a history of violence, to commit the crime.

An upcoming episode of Snapped on Oxygen will revisit the decades-old Bill Edmondson murder case from 1981. The episode, titled (after his wife and mastermind behind the murder) Rosalina Edmondson, will air on the channel this Friday the 3rd. February 2023 at 8 p.m. m. ET.

Rosalina Edmondson and Richard Manthie Age

Richard Manthie’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

Bill Edmondson’s body was discovered on December 29, 1981, lying face down in a puddle in the middle of a remote wooded area of Kitsap County. He was shot four times in the head with .22 caliber bullets, and his body showed signs of a ferocious attack, as his nose was completely smashed all over his face, his eyes were swollen shut, his lips were cut, and his teeth ripped off. broken.

The military man’s chest was “trampled” with cowboy boots, which cracked his ribs, ruptured his liver and spleen, bruised his heart, and broke his sternum. A detailed examination further revealed that wounds had been inflicted on his body after his death. Furthermore, reports indicated that his body was discovered days after his murder.

Bill Edmondson was reportedly last seen alive on December 21, leaving his wife, Rosalina Edmondson, from his newly purchased home near Lake William Symington, Washington. He then failed to show up for work the next day, and his body was only found days after authorities received a call reporting a dead body in the woods.

Initially, Rosalina Edmondson told authorities that her husband’s co-worker, Michael Cogswell, may have committed the crime, while also implying that her husband was a drug addict. But Cogswell strongly refuted the accusation, maintaining that Bill never used drugs. He also revealed that the victim was last seen alive with his wife and mentioned a previous incident where Bill was forced to take some pills, which caused an allergic reaction and nearly killed him.

The near-death experience occurred a week after he purchased a $150,000 life insurance policy. Investigators later discovered the victim’s diary, in which he wrote about his fear that his wife might one day kill him. They also learned that Rosalina Edmondson had petitioned for the release of her ex-husband Richard Manthie, claiming that she was still her wife, she loaned him a car and provided him shelter at her home on Long Lake Road.

When the police caught up with Richard, they found incriminating evidence, including blood splatters all over the wall of Rosalina’s house, where he was residing at the time. They also found Bill’s hair and .22 caliber bullets in his car, and a pair of cowboy boots that matched the wounds on Bill’s chest.

Richard Manthie was arrested and charged with murder on January 14, 1982. At his trial, a former cellmate testified that Manthie had spoken at length about the murder and how Rosalina Edmondson sent a case of beer the night of the murder, knowing it was violent. when i was drunk.

A few hours later, she showed up at the house with Bill, prompting Manthie to viciously attack Bill, breaking his nose in the process. But things got worse when Bill told Rosalina that he was going to eliminate her as a beneficiary of her insurance policy. He then told Manthie to “kill this son of a bitch or I’ll do it”, who then shot him twice as they sat in the car.

The two then dumped Bill Edmondson’s body in the woods, and Manthie shot him two more times and stomped on his chest to make sure the job was done. Richard Manthie was then convicted of first-degree aggravated murder in June 1982 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Soon after, Rosalina Edmondson was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

She was found guilty at a March 1983 trial and received a similar sentence. Both are currently serving time at the Coyote Ridge Correctional Center in Connell and the Washington Correctional Center for Women in Gig Harbor, respectively.

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