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A Lancashire man has shared that he lost his 16-year-old brother 45 years ago in the same stretch of river where missing mother Nicola Bulley went missing. The mother-of-two was reportedly last seen on the morning of January 27 while she was walking her dog Willow near the River Wyre. Lancashire Police and underwater search specialists have been searching the river, but even after almost three weeks, they still have not found her mother.

Don Jones, from Preston, Lancashire, said he knows the grief of the Bulley family, having endured the same pain when her brother Roger went missing for more than two months. The 16-year-old, who was about to embark on his dream of becoming a farmer, was a passenger on a motorcycle when it collided with a car and fell into the frozen Lancashire canal on January 27, 1978, exactly 45 years before he Nicola disappeared.

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Roger Jones is 16 years old.

Incident Detail

Don described how rescuers and police spent hours trying to find his brother, but in the end, his body was washed up on a sandbar at low tide. Roger was eventually found seven miles from St Michael’s on Wyre, the town in which Nicola was last seen. “Obviously he was washed over the dam and into the tidal part of the river,” Don told the Daily Star. “It was just a case of waiting for what seemed inevitable.”

The brother said a huge investigative operation was launched with dozens of dog squads, specialist divers and police personnel scattered across the waterway. The brother went on to say that the river conditions when Roger went missing were “quite similar” to when the mother of two went missing. According to Don, his family was completely “exhausted” when Roger’s body was found. “

We feel very sorry for Nicola’s family and friends. We know exactly what they must be going through,” he added. Jones expressed empathy for the Bulley family’s experience dealing with the public and conspiracy theories, saying it “must be a nightmare” for them. He also pointed out that he had dealt with the intrusion of so-called spiritualists and clairvoyants at the time. “[It was] very upsetting, especially for our mother,” he said.

This came after Bulley’s friends and acquaintances organized a vigil for her and emotionally appealed for any leads on her disappearance. “We just need Nikki at home for her two beautiful girls of hers [ages six and nine] who need her mom. It’s like torture.

The girls, when they get home from school, ask ‘any news about mom?’ and Paul [Nikki’s partner] has to say ‘no’ and he can see the girls deflate,” Emma White told DailyMail. “The girl says, ‘Is my mum famous?’ respond to that… for the wrong reasons. Bring Nikki home, come on the couch, with the girls, with Willow and you can have that happy story because that’s what we hope for.”

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