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Marylue Wigglesworth, a 51-year-old New Jersey woman who shot her Republican activist husband on Christmas Day, rolled her eyes and shook her head as she looked visibly disappointed when the judge denied her bail for the second time in two months. . Marylue was arrested after she fatally shot her husband of 57 years, David B Wigglesworth, in bed inside their home in Hamilton Township, New Jersey on Sunday, December 25, 2022.

Marylue contacted 911 around 10:19 p.m. that she and the father of her adult son had quarreled and she shot him because she feared for her life. Her attorneys, Melissa Rosenblum and Jonathan Diego, also claimed that her mother acted in her own defense and was “overcharged” for David’s death.

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Marylue Wigglesworth was 51 years old.

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But Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Patricia M Wild doubled down on her decision, denying Marylue’s latest bail offer during the virtual hearing on Tuesday, February 14. Wild acknowledged the existence of self-defense evidence of her, such as “bruises” and a letter describing a history of “physical assault”, but ruled that it was not sufficient to grant bail.

Marylue had alternative options, according to Wild, who argued that “a self-defense statement rings hollow in this scenario.” “The state claims that the victim was naked in bed watching TV at the time she was shot,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. Wild added:

“The defendant had time to calm down and choose a different course of behavior rather than leave the room, retrieve your gun, go back into the room and shoot your husband.” Marylue’s defense attorney claimed her mother was in an abusive relationship despite the couple’s social media posts showing them having a good time together, going boating and having barbecues.

They provided character references written by David’s brother, who stated that he was “fully aware of his brother’s battles and infighting, and his bad temper.” An affidavit submitted by her son was also filed in court, stating that “he loves his father, and this is difficult,” but also speaks to the fact that his father was violent and abusive.

In court, Rosenblum had argued that detectives had failed to investigate the abuse allegations against her and had not yet given the defense access to crucial material. “What the state did not do and did not present to her, your honor, is that when she spoke to the police, she admitted that she shot him,” Rosenblum said of her client. The lawyer added: “She stated at least six times to the officers that there was a fight and an altercation.

That night they never took pictures of her to see what her injuries or bruises were, or at least I have not received them, her Honor.”Marylue is currently being held at the Atlantic County Justice Center without the right to bail until his murder trial.

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