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Robert Odell Waters, 53, has been detained by investigators for killing a young mother in the next room while her child was there three decades ago. Cathy Swartz, then 19 years old, was viciously assaulted on December 2, 1988, and she also resisted Robert Odell Waters’ attempts to strangle her.

According to the Michigan Three Rivers Police Department, Waters has been charged with Swartz’s murder and is presently in custody. Blood collected at the crime scene and genetic genealogy were used to identify the culprit, according to Law and Crime.Waters was detained, and the police declared: ”

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Robert Odell Waters is 53 years old.

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“While the loss of Cathy Swartz and the consequences of this horrible tragedy cannot be undone, we hope that the identification and arrest of a suspect will provide her family with the long-overdue closure they have been waiting for. and companion.”The slain woman’s boyfriend left her home early the day of the murder to get to work and found her dead when he got there. There were, according to an investigator, no indications of  forced entry.

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In 1988, a rookie cop by the name of Mike Mohney stated, “From the scene and the evidence at the scene, it appears the fight started downstairs in the kitchen area and then continued down the hall leading to the front door and then up the stairs and then down the hall to his bedroom.” The police advised Waters to change his clothes before leaving the location after Swartz was killed since he left a footprint, fingerprint, and blood behind.

In 2013, the slain woman’s father, David Swartz, told the Sturgis Journal that “someone has known something for 25 years that has yet to be provided to the proper authorities.” When Audrey passed away last year, he said, “I was hoping Cathy’s mum would live long enough to solve the case, but at least she’s finally with Cathy again.

The test was conducted in 2022 for tracing purposes and DNA acquired from genetic genealogy revealed that the test was determined to be from a single family. Investigators spoke with, fingerprinted, and ran DNA tests on family members before identifying the suspect as Robert Waters, according to the police.

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