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A former Christian missionary from Iowa was convicted of sexually molesting a young kid when the prosecution informed the jury that the victim had gonorrhoea. The 30-year-old Jordan Dee Andrew Webb is from Fort Dodge, a community on the Des Moines River about 100 miles north of Des Moines. A Webster County jury convicted him guilty on Friday of one count of second-degree sexual abuse of minors under the age of 12, incest, and endangering children.

According to Bailey Taylor, an assistant district attorney for Webster County, “We are delighted with the verdict and that the jury upheld justice in this case. The Webster County Sheriff’s Office detained Webb in late April 2022 after “health concerns” surrounding a kid had been brought up earlier in the month. According to local CBS affiliate KCCI, the youngster was urgently taken out of his guardian’s custody due to these worries. The victim’s name and sexual orientation are not disclosed.

Jordan Dee Andrew Webb Age

Jordan Dee Andrew Webb is 30 years old.

Jordan Dee Andrew Webb Incident Detail

A search warrant was executed at a residence on 225th Street in Webster County as a consequence of further investigation. The Messenger claims that Harvest Baptist Church owns the location, which is where its Harvest Baptist Bible College is located. According to the newspaper, from 2019 to the beginning of 2022, Webb served as a missionary sent by Harvest Baptist to St. Lucia as a part of a “Christ in the Caribbean” project.

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Evidence that Webb received a gonorrhoea diagnosis just a few days before the boy did was submitted during the trial. According to the Messenger, Dr. Regina Torson’s testimony, a specialist in paediatrics and child abuse, significantly aided the prosecution’s case. As the primary prosecutor, Taylor effectively refuted the defense’s assertions that the youngster might have acquired gonorrhoea through non-sexual means.

Although it is conceivable, is it reasonable? During her final argument, the prosecutor allegedly rhetorically questioned the jury. Why don’t we see this possibility more often if it’s so possible? Taylor went on. It is not rational at all to contract gonorrhoea from a bathtub.

That is not a thing, as there would be many more cases of gonorrhoea if it were. If it weren’t sexually transmitted, it wouldn’t be. According to the publication, the defence said that the majority of the evidence used against the defendant was circumstantial in his closing argument. Additionally, according to reports, the defence attorney Dean Stowers expressed doubts about the case’s witnesses, telling the jury that “every single one of his witnesses is a reasonable doubt.”

The prosecution said that the substantial amount of evidence presented throughout the three-day trial was sufficient to find the defendant guilty. Taylor stated during the state’s argument, “You put those parts together to come to a conclusion. “Pay attention to what occurred to this child. Don’t discount any of the evidence you have observed.

After less than two and a half hours of deliberation, the jury found Webb guilty of all charges.The accused was being put under custody on a $500,000 cash bail, according to KCCI. He eventually secured bail, which was decreased to $75,000 cash, and was freed until the charges against him were tried.

However, after his conviction, Webb’s bail was revoked in accordance with a Hawkeye State Supreme Court rule on “forced” felonies and he was imprisoned pending sentencing with no possibility of bail, according to the Messenger. Currently, a hearing to determine the defendant’s sentence is set for June 5. He might spend up to 32 years behind bars.

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