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Although no definitive identification was established, Volusia County, Florida deputies reported finding a body inside a missing teacher’s car. Their law enforcement peers praised this discovery as providing the family with “much-needed closure.” According to a missing person’s report, Robert Heikka, 70, vanished from Port Orange on October 25, 2020. He was driving his white 2020 Chevrolet Impala out of his home.

The last location where his phone was monitored was near State Highway 44 and Interstate 4.Heikka’s automobile was discovered in a canal off Pioneer Trail, according to a statement from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office on Saturday. They claimed that the water level had “recently dropped significantly.”

Robert Heikka Age

Robert Heikka was 70 years old.

Robert Heikka Cause of Death

They reported, “The car has been recovered from the water, and one deceased occupant has been discovered inside. They said that Heikka’s family was in touch with the Port Orange Police Department. The Sunshine State sonar search team and Recon Dive Recovery were thanked by the police for helping them locate the car.

His vehicle was located “through the diligent efforts of many involved,” according to the police report. “After the vehicle was found, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office responded with resources and was quite helpful in the recovery. We appreciate everyone who contributed to providing Mr. Heikka’s family with the much-needed closure. I appreciate you everyone.

His family is in our prayers and in our thoughts.Heikka has been a middle school teacher for Volusia County Schools since 1989, according to the Sunshine State sonar search team. Since 2002, he had been a teacher at Creekside High School. Staff went to Heikka’s home in the Waters Edge community, where he lived alone, when the cherished instructor and colleague failed to show up on October 26.

They went to the police since he didn’t respond when they called him at home. On the second anniversary of his abduction, Recon Dive Recovery and Sunshine State Sonar allegedly contacted Port Orange authorities. They conducted ground and sonar searches of more than 70 bodies of water between his house and Orlando but were unsuccessful, so they went back to the location of his last mobile ping.

They claimed that several sonar teams had thoroughly investigated this area, but to no avail. “We hiked the Pioneer Trail during a land hunt in November 2022 and discovered a little channel in the woods. The road was 75 feet away from this little body of water, which was surrounded by vegetation like trees and bushes. We didn’t have sonar equipment at the time of the hunt, and the channel’s vastness made it appear incredibly unlikely.

Five months later, we went back to this body of water to take another look. Since our last search, the water levels in this location had decreased by 50%. We confirmed the depths of this tiny canal using specialised sonar equipment. We carried out a visual investigation of the channel from beginning to end after realising it was barely 4 feet deep. At that point, we found Robert’s car at the opposite end, its roof half open and sitting upright.

They said that on the evening of October 25, 2020, Heikka lost control of his vehicle and slammed into 75 feet of bushes and trees before going into the canal. An inquiry from Law & Crime for more details did not immediately receive a response from the Port Orange Police Department.

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