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This may be one of the shortest dates on record. After her date dumped her just 45 seconds after Rachel Wilson’s first date after they met online, one woman was left speechless. The man later texted her to say that she “wasn’t sorry.” After talking for about four days, Rachel Wilson, 28, decided to meet the man after scheduling her meeting on Friday, January 13.

They had connected through Hinge. Wilson and her date decided to go to a neighborhood sports bar for chicken wings and a beer. Just 45 seconds into her appointment, she said she had to move her car and get out of it. And that was that. She never heard from him after he sent her the aforementioned text. She made a video about her experience on TikTok.

Rachel Wilson Age

Rachel Wilson is 28 years old.

Incident Detail

Her message read: “Sorry I didn’t feel it [sad face emoji].” Wilson said: “I stood in front of the restaurant waiting for about five minutes before I got the text, didn’t reply and immediately deleted his number and haven’t heard from him since.”

Speaking about dating, Wilson added: “I think if I wasn’t a confident person this would have honestly wrecked me, but luckily I’m very confident in who I am so it won’t affect how I approach dating. “. moving forward,” according to The Independent.

Prior to the meeting, Wilson did not see any red flags. She said: “I liked that he made solid plans from the beginning.” She then explained how she felt when she met someone on a dating app. She said: “I hate it when you meet someone on a dating app and you talk non-stop with no solid plans to find you. We went to a sports bar type place and planned to order chicken wings and a beer.”

When told that she wanted to move her car, Wilson noticed a sign on the restaurant’s door warning customers that vehicles parked in inappropriate places would be towed. Therefore, she believed that her reason was genuine, according to The Mirror. Wilson didn’t realize he didn’t really want to date her until he got the message from her. Wilson’s TikTok video has garnered more than four million views so far.

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