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The iconic show ‘American Idol’ is back. In the season premiere on Sunday, February 19, host Ryan Seacrest, judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie traveled to Las Vegas, Nashville and New Orleans in search of the contestants with the best voices. The auditions were as always full of emotions and some of the most talented singers wowed the judges. Alessandra Aguirre

The three judges and the Emmy Award-winning host will be back soon for the second week auditions, all set to explore the next musical sensation. One contestant who will make her debut on season 21 of ‘American Idol’ is Alessandra Aguirre. The young woman is an accidental success since she started her musical career on impulse. She hails from Lima, Peru, and is recognized for her ballads. To know more about this young singer she keeps reading.

Alessandra Aguirre Age

Alessandra Aguirre’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

Alessandra Aguirre is a young artist from Lima, Peru. She is currently studying at Berklee College of Music specializing in Music Business and Music Production. She began her musical journey on impulse, at age 11. She asked her mother to let her participate in the “Peru Got Talent” program, a contest that she ended up winning.

Alessandra had to improvise for her first audition. She improvised to a piano tune to perform a song in front of the three Berklee judges because she couldn’t read music quickly and fluently. She has come a long way since then and is now performing professionally. Alessandra is recognized for her talent for setting a narrative to music.

Her debut single, ‘Si Te Digo’, was released in 2019 and served as an introduction to her discography. A song that she began to write in the confines of her Lima bedroom using just a guitar and the six chords necessary to complement her voice. She also has two other singles released, but they are in English, ‘Tell me’ and ‘Every time’. Both singles were composed together with the Peruvian musician and producer Moncho Berry.

Alessandra has two brothers and one of them is part of a reggae band called ‘Flower Hour’. The second week of ‘American Idol’ season 21 will feature new talent and one of the audition contestants is Alessandra. She is renowned for her ability to put stories to music.

She is a very talented young artist who wrote her first song in a small room with just one guitar and six strings. She now writes her music in a small room in Boston located near her university. Alessandra started her journey as a singer at the age of 11 and now she will make her ‘American Idol’ debut. Don’t forget to watch her audition.

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