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A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman fatally shot her parents and then herself in a planned suicide pact after posting a bizarre video on YouTube claiming to be the Antichrist. Morgan Daub killed her mother, Deborah, 59, and her father, James, 61, with shots to the head, before turning the gun on herself.

The massacre in the backyard of the family’s York County home on Wednesday came two months after Daub shared an eight-minute video on YouTube in which she referred to herself as the Antichrist and said she would “abdicate the throne.” from United Kingdom”. West Manchester Township authorities said “all three family members had pre-planned their deaths”.

Morgan Daub Age

Morgan Daub was 26 years old.

Morgan Daub  Cause of Death

Gunshots were heard in the quiet neighborhood Wednesday morning and police arrived at the Daub family home following a call from a concerned neighbor. The officers put up a cordon while a white tent was put up in the garden to cover the bodies and carry out the investigation.

Detectives analyzing “family member communications” found at the scene uncovered evidence that the murders were pre-planned and that all three family members appeared to have agreed to participate in the grisly murder-suicide pact.

Daub posted a rambling video to her YouTube channel on November 26 under the username LionessArising. She opens the video with a fake British accent before declaring: “I, Morgan Elizabeth Daub, York, Pennsylvania, United States of America, hereby abdicate the Throne of the United Kingdom.”

Several minutes later, she adds: ‘This is funny… This was the penultimate plan against me and against God. I didn’t know that I was the ideal choice for the Antichrist, for the devil. “I was the ideal choice for the Antichrist.” A caption posted below the video reads: “This is a public record of my abdication of the throne and I cannot and will not take it back.”

They in no way forced me to abdicate. I am sound in mind and body, and I have chosen it of my own free will. Also, I intend to sign official documents as soon as possible. “For anyone who doesn’t know me and randomly finds this video, it’s a long story of what the next in line for the throne would look like. Everything will be said in due time.

The most recent upload of hers came the day before the murders: a chilling six-second clip with no audio, titled “FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW CHRIST!!!”. She also posted a 30-minute video in September that said her family was ‘being denied fundamental human rights’.

“You’ll find out why I’m a threat so soon,” the caption of her photo read. The local police department said: ‘At this stage of the investigation, we do not believe there is any danger to the public and the surrounding community.

‘Final determination of cause and manner of death is pending. The situation is believed to be an event within the family and officers are continuing to investigate and gather information regarding this tragedy.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the Daubs.” A coroner’s report into the deaths said police were called Wednesday morning with reports “indicating that three bodies were found at [the] rear” of the Daub family residence.

“After a detailed investigation and evidence found at the scene, including communications from family members, it was determined that all three family members had pre-planned their deaths.”

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