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 In June 2008, Arkansas couple Jill and Tom Estes were murdered in a Festus, Missouri hotel. Their bodies were found about a mile and a half from their location behind a local gas station after authorities followed a blood-covered trail to locate them. The couple were reportedly attacked in the hotel parking lot and died of blunt trauma to the head.

Rare DNA found at the crime scene led authorities to arrest killer Nicholas Sheley, who was under the radar for the alleged murders of six Illinois people. Authorities alleged that Sheley encountered the pair during an alcohol and drug-fueled rampage that ended in a week-long murder spree in Missouri. the final victims of convicted spree killer Nicholas Sheley.

Jill and Tom Estes Age

Tom Estes was 54 years old.

Jill and Tom Estes  Cause of Death

The episode, The Blood Trail, airs Friday, January 27 at 7 p.m. ET. The parents of two children, Jill and Tom Estes, were staying at a motel in Festus while attending a graduation celebration in the Missouri city. The couple were reportedly traveling with their two dogs.

But their days were numbered when they became the victims of a crime fueled by anger, drugs, and multiple previous murders. On June 29, 2008, guests at the Festus Hotel saw the couple’s blood-covered dogs running through the parking lot, unguarded.

The people, concerned about what they had just noticed, immediately called the police, who, upon examination, did not notice anything suspicious in the couple’s room. Police were only able to locate the missing people after following a mile-and-a-half-long bloody trail.

Jill and Tom’s bodies were discovered behind a nearby gas station, and authorities deduced that they were murdered elsewhere before being dumped at the location. An autopsy later revealed that the two were beaten to death and died from blunt force injuries to the head. The sources claimed that they were repeatedly beaten, most likely with a crowbar.

Coincidentally, at the time of the murder of Jill and Tom Estes, authorities were searching for a serial killer named Nicholas Sheley, who was being hunted in Illinois for six separate murders after his DNA was discovered at crime scenes. . While Sheley was still missing, an inquest into the couple’s deaths helped forensics extract a sample of foreign DNA from the scene, which was a match to Sheley’s.

In addition, Sheley was captured on multiple CCTV cameras, allowing investigators to create a credible timeline and establish his involvement beyond a reasonable doubt in the Estes murders. This led to a nationwide manhunt with his face plastered across all media channels, social media, and newspapers.

Some helpful advice led to his arrest on July 1 while he was residing in Granite City. Nicholas Sheley was convicted in the six Illinois murders, he received six life sentences with a few more years before being extradited to Missouri for the murders of Jill and Tom Estes. He pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and other related charges to avoid the death penalty, and received two other life sentences.

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