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A health worker, Michelle Williamson, who deliberately left a 13-year-old boy in her care to live alone in squalid, freezing conditions avoids jail after a court ordered her to do 165 hours of unpaid work.

The teenager did not have adequate access to food or heat during the winter and slept on a dirty mattress. After he was rescued, it emerged that he was surviving on bowls of cereal and that Williamson, 36, had allowed the boy to live alone in the frozen house from December 2020 to April 2021. The case shocked authorities after that an anonymous tip led them to the teenager’s miserable home.

Michelle Williamson Age

Michelle Williamson is 36 years old.

Incident Detail

Williamson, a mother of nine, pleaded guilty in Dundee Sheriff’s Court to willful neglect and was ordered by Sheriff John Rafferty to do 165 hours of unpaid work. He also referred her to Scottish ministers to assess her suitability to work with children.

“I think this is very serious. A 13-year-old boy was left alone for almost a whole week in a house that was dirty, had no proper heat, and had to survive on frozen food and meals,” Rafferty said. . “How anyone could allow this to go on for such an extended period of time is beyond me.” The court also heard that Williamson had lost her job as a result of the incident and she was currently unemployed.

Deputy District Attorney Dev Kapadia told the court that in December 2020, Williamson and the boy discussed moving in together. Once she started the two-week trial period, the boy told her that the house was too full and that she wanted her own space.

Williamson then made alternative arrangements for her to live five nights a week in an apartment in Kirkton; only the living room of the apartment was heated, the court heard. The boy ate three bowls of cereal a day, and if he ran out of food, Williamson would arrange for occasional frozen or takeout meals, Kapadia told the court. Williamson would also transfer money to the boy’s bank account to top up the energy meter. This lasted until April 27, Kapadia said.

Kapadia said: “Police received a call from child protection council, who had received an anonymous call about concerns that a child was living alone. The door was eventually opened by the child, who told them that the reason he was home alone was because the defendant had gone to the stores. The girl told them they would contact her [Williamson] by phone.” But as she spoke to police, the boy admitted that she lived alone because she “needed space.” The boy also revealed that Williamson would visit him once a week, but she would not stay.

“Police were concerned about the state of the house. It was in disrepair. It was dirty, dirty, with countertops littered with unwashed bowls and plates that were moldy,” Kapadia told the court. “There was little food, just a few cans and a packet of pasta. There were dirty clothes everywhere and a double mattress in the living room had dirty bedding on it.” There was no heating and the place was “cold and uncomfortable”. The court heard that Williamson spoke to police in June 2021 and told them that she was a support worker. Attorney David Duncan, defending Williamson, said: “She showed a very serious error in judgment. Important lessons have been learned.”

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