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According to federal officials, a lawyer who defended victims of sexual abuse was found downloading child porn. According to WPBF, 53-year-old Michael T. Dolce had previously lobbied to shorten the statute of limitations for cases involving child sexual assault.

According to officials, FBI investigators carried out three warrant searches, including ones at his Florida condo and vehicle in West Palm Beach. The complaint claimed that DOLCE ignored requests from law enforcement to come to the door, leading to “entry into the property as a result of a forced breach on the door.”

Michael Dolce Age

Michael Dolce is 46 years old.

Michael Dolce Incident Detail

When FBI agents first knocked and announced at DOLCE’s door, tactical surveillance and entry teams discovered that he was alone in the house and awake on a bed. A Samsung laptop (SAMSUNG) was placed on the bed exactly next to DOLCE.

He was allegedly “actively downloading child pornography via peer-to-peer software,” according to the authorities. They claimed to have discovered many open windows that contained or directed them to illegal materials.

A subfolder with the name “sweetie” contained a second subfolder with the name “Sweet-Pedo Stars,” which contained photographs of a single prepubescent minor female victim in child erotica and child pornography with the added watermark “PEDO STARs.”

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