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The grieving family of a toddler who was allegedly battered to death at the age of 9 months claims that the infant was a fighter by nature and struggled to survive. Kenya Buggs, Khyro’s grandmother, also mentioned that the child was born too soon. Khyro, according to her, had only been out of the hospital for three months when she received the call that completely upended her world.

Kenya told 11alive that the child spent six months in the NICU because of his severe lung ailment. “Why is Khyro in the hospital, exactly? Wednesday was the day I watched Khyro. Khyro felt good. I saw Khyro last Thursday. He was okay “Buggs claimed that she informed the individual who broke the tragic news.

Micahel Fisher Age

Micahel Fisher was 40 years old.

Micahel Fisher Cause of Death

On March 17, Khryo’s father, Michael Fisher, reportedly rushed him to the hospital because he was not breathing. Khyro was declared deceased on March 20 — three days later. He reportedly suffered catastrophic brain injuries, according to court records.

Fisher was detained on an unrelated warrant before being charged in connection to his son’s death. He was under probation outside of Louisiana for having a gun in the possession of a convicted felon. According to court documents, Fisher has a list of further cases outside of Louisiana. He was just accused in 2020 with kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to Buggs, the family of the innocent youngster is searching for justice. She declared, “Michael Fisher is a dangerous man.” He has a history of hurting and harming people, so this is nothing new. He must be imprisoned. A $1 million bail is presently holding the father in custody.

A guy allegedly killed his newborn infant boy by violently shaking him with force similar to a vehicle collision or falling from a tall building, according to a prior report by MEAWW. At the age of seven weeks, Abel-Jax Mailey was reportedly fatally injured by his father Oliver at their Burnley, Lancashire, home on November 28, 2021.

He originally claimed that he discovered the kid in his cot, limp and lifeless, but later admitted shaking the child and pleaded guilty to manslaughter. According to Daily Mail, he was detained in June 2022 and charged with wanting to seriously hurt the infant.

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