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The Texas woman who was abducted in 1971 and reunited with her family last November has been identified by police. The Fort Worth Police Department used DNA testing to definitively identify Melissa Highsmith, a 53-year-old lady who was kidnapped in 1971 when she was just 22 months old.

According to a police statement provided to PEOPLE, “We hope the outcome of this test provides additional closure for the Highsmith family.”Nearly six months have passed since Melissa’s last reunion with her parents, Alta Apantenco, Jeffrie Highsmith, and her siblings, Victoria, Rebecca, Sharon, and Jeff.

Melissa Highsmith Age

Melissa Highsmith is 53 years old.

Melissa Highsmith Incident Detail

She also arrives 51 years after her kidnapping, which occurred on August 23, 1971, when a person impersonating a babysitter kidnapped her from her home in Fort Worth, Texas. The news that the family had been waiting for all these years, that Melissa, who went by Melanie Miyoko as a child, was definitely alive and the family member long lost, had already been confirmed by their own DNA match, the family had told PEOPLE before the police confirmed it. She had been searching.

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Melissa, who fled as a teen, claimed in November that she and the woman who raised her about ten minutes from the place of her kidnapping “were never close” and that she fled as a teen. She continued by saying that she was no longer in contact with her mother. “It was a bad childhood the whole time I was there,” she claimed. ”

She always kept watch over me because I wasn’t permitted to go outside and play. She added that she shielded me because I had brain damage and was a home birth child. “I used to think to myself, ‘Why did she have me if she didn’t want me?'” Melissa had a memory.

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