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The new leader of Stephen Colbert’s gang has been named as Louis Cato. Here’s everything we know about him. On August 12, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert revealed that Louis Cato would take over as the new leader of the band, replacing the previous one, Jon Batiste.

Colbert revealed that Jon Batiste, the former bandleader and fan favorite, left the show to follow his heart and pursue a career in music.

Stephen Colbert’s new conductor is Louis Cato.

Multi-instrumentalist Louis Cato has become the conductor for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the show’s host is all smiles with his new conductor.

Louis was dubbed a musical genius by Colbert, who said, “Every instrument on that stand can be played by him. He can learn to play Mozart with a shoehorn in a day.”

Cato has been singing and playing drums since he was two years old. Since then he has learned to play bass, low brass, guitar, percussion and other instruments.

Louis Cato previously collaborated with Stephen in the role of interim leader of the band Stay Human in 2015 when Jon Batiste was away. This is not Louis Cato’s first performance on The Late Show.

On August 12, 2022, Stephen announced that the shining man will be joining the show as the new frontman of the band, officially taking over on September 6.

Louis is a musician from Portugal who studied music at Berklee College of Music for two semesters while growing up in North Carolina. Under the RSVP record label, he released Starting Now, his debut solo album, in 2016.

Cato, who prefers jazz and R&B music, released the Mirrors album in 2020 and plans to release Reflections in 2022. He previously stated that Reflections is currently in post-production.

Who is Gisela Joo, the leader of The Late Show Band?

When their debut album as a jazz supergroup was released, Louis Cato, the new leader of the Late Show Band, was dating Gisela Joao, a musician who had played in the band The Mirrors.

Their fans assume that the couple broke up because they can’t be found together on social media right now. However, Gisela and Louis shared a house in Lisbon at the beginning of the pandemic.

Even from their joint album Mirrors, Louis Cato and Gisela have a song called “The Call” that they wrote together.

what Louis Cato is worth Louis Cato’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be over $2 million thanks to his earnings as a musician and his time as a bandleader on Stephen Colbert’s latest show.

Cato has been working as a vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist for a while now, even though he only caught the band’s eye from the last show.

The late-night show’s new bandleader has a new album in post-production, previously released albums, and experience working with well-known artists like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and John Legend, to name a few.

Louis Cato with the members of his new band

Jon Batiste will no longer be the leader of Stephen Colbert’s gang; instead, Louis Cato will take over the Late Show; the skilled band member will join him and the group will now be known as The Late Show Band.

Joe Saylor, Negah Santos, Endea Owens, Louis Fouche and Jon Lampley make up Cato’s gang. The multi-instrumentalist bandleader can play virtually any instrument, but for performance, he and his band will focus mostly on electric and acoustic guitar and bass.

Joe Saylor will play drums and sing, Negah Santos will sing and percussion, Endea Owens will play bass, Louis Fouche will play saxophone, and Jon Lampley will play trumpet and tuba.

Beginning in September 2022, Louis Cato and his new band members will permanently replace the current late show house band under the name The Late Show Band.