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Who are Howard Stern’s parents? Radio announcer talks about the death of his father. Howard Stern, a radio personality, recently announced the passing of his father Ben Stern, who was 99 years old. In a recent interview with Dan’s Papers, Stern opened up about the loss of his father and revealed new details about how his father’s death affected his artistic aspirations.

Ben Stern, the father of Howard Stern, was a well-known sound engineer. While nothing is known about Ray Stern, she and Ben have frequently appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

Dan’s Papers had an interview with Stern, who revealed:

Barns at Corwith. I have painted the barns in several smaller works, but this one is bigger. The barns are no longer there, but I took numerous photos of them, and am currently working on a large painting that will ideally represent every cracked board in that deteriorating building.

The radio host continued:

“I recently lost my father; he was 99 years old. I’m not sure how old the barns were, but I think painting them is a tribute to him and all the others who are growing old and eventually passing away. What you need to know about Ray and Ben Stern, Howard Stern’s parents

Ben Stern, Stern’s father, has died at the age of 99, Stern has just revealed. Ben Stern’s family moved to Mogilnica after his birth in Warsaw. From 1933 to 1939, Ben attended school while his mother ran the family’s liquor store.

Howard Stern’s parents, who have frequently appeared on his radio show since Howard was a child, have always piqued the interest of fans of The Howard Stern Show.

Ben was a skilled sound engineer and Ray was an administrative assistant. However, he later began working as an inhalation therapist.

The radio host was silent on the cause of Ben Stern’s death. However, Howard frequently mentioned Ben Stern on his broadcast. Howard mentioned in one of the episodes that his father had been distant when he was a child. The media figure said:

My father never had a sense of humor; It’s not that I didn’t feel loved by him; he just never had fun.

Howard revealed that his mother, Ray Stern, was having health problems in February 2022. Stern didn’t elaborate, but it seemed like he was hinting that the problems were significant and serious.

Howard’s mother Ray was his favorite guest on the show, the host admitted in his 2019 book, Howard Stern Comes Again. He marveled at the fact that his mother was excellent at answering her challenging questions.

Netizens respond to the death of Ben Stern

Viewers of The Howard Stern Show have often anticipated quick cameos from Ben Stern and Ray Stern. They are familiar with the interactions between Ben, Ray and his son, as well as the many inside jokes that run in the Stern family.

After learning of Ben Stern’s passing, many people tweeted their condolences.

Nothing has been said about Ben Stern’s death date or funeral arrangements. Howard Stern, Beth Stern and Ray Stern, his wife, are his sons and daughters-in-law.

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