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TV personality Lizzie Cundy said she feels like a “new woman” after undergoing a vaginal tightening procedure at a London clinic. Cundy also admitted that she is now having the best sex of her life. Vaginal tightening, a non-invasive procedure, involves the use of lasers to help increase collagen in the vaginal walls, which tightens and improves sensation during intercourse.

Speaking to Closer, Cundy said: “I feel like a new woman with my super vagina! She’s so tight she squeaks when I walk, I can barely sit up.” “I’ve always felt young for my age and now I have a vagina to match,” the 53-year-old said, adding, “I only date younger men and they flock to date.”

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Lizzie Cundy is 53 years old.

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“I’m going to treat my vagina like a temple now… Love it guys! I’ve been seeing someone recently and I’m sure you can feel the difference. I’m having the best sex of my life.” Cundy said. A source told Mail Online that Cundy has been dating the manager of an American restaurant. It is said that she recently flew to London from Miami to see her.

The one-hour outpatient surgical procedure aims to enhance sexual gratification by increasing friction. Healing after surgery occurs rapidly and normal activities can be resumed within a few days or weeks. A wand-like instrument connected to a laser is inserted into the vagina during the procedure. It is done while the patient is awake. The procedure stimulates collagen production and also increases fluid production by improving blood flow. Collagen gives tissues tone and elasticity.

Cundy recently said that she hadn’t had a butt lift, but she spent a fortune trying not to look like Carol Vorderman. “Listen, I spent about £16,000 (~$18,638) not to look like Carol Vorderman!” she said, discussing cosmetic surgery on TalkTV. However, when polled by host James Whale about having a butt lift, Cundy said, “Can I say live, I have NOT had a butt lift?” She previously denied claims that she had a surgical helping hand with her bottom.

James played a clip of Cundy talking about her butt enhancements, to which she angrily responded, “Never mind if I did, but I haven’t had a butt lift. This isn’t fair, I haven’t had a butt lift.” done a butt lift.” butt lift, it was a massage. That was so unfair, I haven’t had a butt lift, what’s going on?!” Carol has also maintained that no work was ever done to augment her butt.

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