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A former ‘X Factor’ contestant, Levi Davis, has been missing since October 29, 2022 and has not yet been located. Davis even owed the Somali mob around £100,000 and is believed to have tried to poison him before disappearing in Spain.

However, recently, some chilling details emerged about Davis’s Instagram, and it was reported that little activity was observed from his account, as 38 Instagram accounts were deleted. Let’s find out who is accessing his Instagram account.

Levi Davis Age

Levi Davis is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

It is unknown who is accessing Davis’ account, but recently, as many as 38 of his Instagram contacts were mysteriously deleted after his disappearance, according to an investigator working for his family. However, the contacts that have been removed may contain some crucial details about the missing case, The Sun reports. A few days earlier, photos of Davis surfaced after he went missing.

He uploaded photos days before the tragic event. The publication was made on his official Instagram account. In the post, Davis is shown posing on the beach as he appears carefree and fully relishing the moment as followers are seen commenting on his post, as reported by MEAWW. The photo shoot was held to use them on Davis’s second song, ‘Los Angeles’, which was scheduled for a November 2022 release.

The 24-year-old rugby player was last seen leaving the Old Irish Pub in Barcelona. Since then, his family has hired a private investigator to help them search for the ‘X Factor’ star. When Davis’ grieving family discovered that he had not used his bank cards or social media since he disappeared, they reportedly hired British detective Gavin Burrows to investigate the case.

Additionally, a tweet from BBC News reporter Rachel shared the latest clip Davis reportedly sent to his mother. The tweet revealed it by saying, “Hi mom…it’s beautiful,” while the post added: “The last video Levi Davis sent to his mom, before he disappeared in Barcelona almost 5 weeks ago. His family and friends don’t have heard nothing of him since.”

Davis may have run up a considerable debt to the Somali mob. It has been claimed as a result of his tendency to party “out of control”. When it became known that his family was asking the Spanish police to investigate a possible drowning in the port of Barcelona, the debt claims of the Somali mafia came to light in Spain.

According to the Daily Mail, Davis’ passport was later found nearby, raising concerns that he had been tricked into agreeing to meet someone he had met online in order to fall into a trap. On the day of his disappearance, Davis reportedly paid instant mobile payment provider, Bizum, $30. It is still unknown where Davis got the money from him, but this new information was previously made public after his family hired a private investigator who said he had “important leads.”

Burrows is assisting in the search for the missing rugby player with the help of his organization Inquiry Line, which is headquartered in London. According to ABC, the group has stated that, as part of the investigation, it will award a $12,282 reward to anyone who can help locate Davis.

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