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Karen Phillips and Derrick Phillips Wiki – Karen Phillips and Derrick Phillips Biography

According to local law enforcement and jail records in Smith County, an East Texas county clerk has been detained for allegedly attempting to obstruct local law police from apprehending her son. Derrick Phillips, and a Smith County Sheriff’s Office officer are alleged to have been involved in an incident on 28 March. Karen Phillips, 65, is charged with one count of interference with official duties.

According to a statement of probable cause obtained by Tyler-based ABC/Telemundo station KLTV, the altercation began over a routine traffic check. According to that document, a deputy attempted to pull over a car for having a broken tail light on Farm to Market Road 14, but the driver kept going until he parked the car behind another car in the driveway of the Phillips residence.

Karen Phillips and Derrick Phillips  Age

Karen Phillips is 65 years old and Derrick Phillips is 36 years old.

Karen Phillips and Derrick Phillips Incident Detail

Derrick Phillips, who is reportedly the man’s friend, allegedly stepped out of the car that was already parked in the driveway at roughly the same time and attempted to obstruct the traffic stop that was taking place behind him. The constable asserts that the younger Phillips’ efforts were successful and that he was the centre of attention.

Soon after, a second constable showed up, and Derrick Phillips allegedly fled into the house he and his parents, Terry Phillips, a Smith County Precinct 3 Commissioner and his mother, owned. Karen Phillips’ alleged involvement in the altercation was not immediately clear, but law enforcement eventually clarified certain details.

The senior Phillips attempted to physically intervene while yelling a slew of obscenities, according to Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith, who was speaking to KLTV. According to Smith, Karen Phillips was spotted interfering with the traffic stop. She made an effort to seize the constable who was pursuing the Phillips’ son. then attempted to intervene as the constable was escorting the Phillips’ kid from the house and into the designated vehicle.

The sheriff claims that cellphone recordings, body-worn cameras and dash cameras all captured the incident. He claimed that after watching the tapes, a decision was made to file charges against the mother. He said that someday the video would be made available to the public.

I won’t repeat what she said, Smith continued. People will eventually be able to verify what she said for themselves by seeing and hearing it for themselves. I feel ashamed to speak to my deputies in that way that a public official would. According to Smith County Jail records, Derrick Phillips was finally detained on one count each of interfering with official functions, escaping arrest or detention, and refusing arrest or transport.

According to Smith, Karen Phillips was given a direct request from the sheriff to turn herself in when a warrant for her arrest was issued, and she complied. According to jail records, the mother and son swiftly cleared their respective bonds. In lieu of an outside prosecutor, Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman disqualified himself and his office.

In a statement acquired by the Tyler Morning Telegraph, the DA stated, “While my office is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases arising in Smith County, we are also responsible for representing Smith County as an organisation.” The Commissioner’s Court oversees Smith County. Precinct Three’s commissioner is Terry Phillips. As a result, the Smith County District Attorney’s Office currently represents Commissioner Phillips in certain cases.

Putman said that any prosecutions “must be done above reproach and without a hint of political gamesmanship,” including those of a commissioner’s son and spouse. This is why District Attorney’s Offices have the option to disqualify themselves and appoint a visiting prosecutor under Code of Criminal Procedure Rule 2.07. The public profile of the accused was also discussed by the sheriff.

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