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A man approached a police officer and claimed he killed a “old friend” accidentally before being charged with murder. The above-posted body camera video, which has been partially censored, shows Brian E. Mason, 58, conversing with police.

According to the accusation, Miami County, Ohio authorities aren’t seeing Michelle L. Elliott’s death, at age 57, as an error.Mason approached the Miamisburg Police Department point-of-view officer in body camera video taken on March 27 shortly after 6:30 p.m.

Brian E. Mason Age

Brian E. Mason is 58 years old.

Brian E. Mason Incident Detail

He appeared composed as he said, “I’m here to turn myself in.” He was holding a water bottle. “Last night I got into an accident. When I was demonstrating how to use a rifle that an old friend of mine had requested and needed, it accidentally went off and shot her in the chest. And I’ve spent the entire day pacing around in fear.

Elliott said that she was deceased when asked whether he needed medical help. He claimed, “She collapsed instantly, and I got scared.” “I was terrified and fled. Mason added, “I wouldn’t be here on purpose, but I’ve been so afraid since it happened. He admitted to the cops that the alleged gun was in his truck.

At least one police officer didn’t accept his statement that the death was an accident at face value. The first officer stated to the second, making quotation marks with his fingers, “He said the gun he used to kill her with is in this car.” Or, “accidentally.”The police did not immediately offer their own account of what actually transpired in that house.

Mason had already been escorted to an interview room, so he wasn’t present to hear the officer’s dubious statement. He gave hazy information, as seen in the video, in order to locate Elliott’s house and determine her precise identity. For instance, he was unaware of her house’s street number. Authorities eventually figured it out.

According to deputies with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, they were sent to a residence in Union Township’s 11000 block of North Montgomery County Line Road to do a welfare check on that particular day. According to Miamisburg Police Department dispatch, Mason walked to their office and admitted to shooting a woman at the Union Township residence.

Deputies reported that they received no reaction when they arrived. Looking through a window, I saw blood inside the house. Following a forced entrance, a dead adult female was discovered inside the house with what appeared to be a gunshot wound.At his arraignment on March 28, Mason entered a not-guilty plea. His bond of $1 million in cash merely keeps him in custody at the Miami County Jail.

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