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An Illinois woman, 22, has been detained for reportedly starving to death her 19-month-old baby late last year while claiming she “lacked drive” to provide for the child. Jamie Hannion was detained in Tennessee earlier this month and extradited back to Cook County last week. She is now being charged with first-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child on separate counts in the death of young Nathan Wisdom, who weighed less than 10 pounds at the time of his death.

Deputies from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call about a newborn in distress on October 18, 2022, at Hannion’s residence in the 800 block of Victory Lane in incorporated Lyons Township, roughly 15 miles southwest of Chicago, according to a story from the Chicago Tribune. The caller, who was later revealed to be Hannion’s sister, claimed to be caring for her nephew at Hannion’s request when she entered his room and discovered the kid dead in his cot.

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Jamie Hannion is 22 years old.

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First responders found the “severely malnourished” boy in his bedroom when they arrived at the scene and declared him dead there and then, according to the Tribune.Deputies also claimed that Wisdom was covered in his own faeces and vomit and was “cold to the touch with bluish lips” in a sworn declaration of probable cause, according to Chicago Fox affiliate WFLD.

The child’s stomach contents showed that he hadn’t eaten in around three days, the station noted, and a later autopsy conducted by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that Wisdom’s manner of death was a homicide and his cause of death was “nutritional neglect.” In addition, Wisdom, who was born weighing 6.6 pounds, died weighing only 9.5 pounds.

Police in February issued an arrest warrant for Hannion after the autopsy report was made public, but they later discovered that she was out of the country visiting family in Tennessee. On March 7, authorities detained her, and on March 23, they returned her to Illinois.

According to the Tribune, at a court hearing on Friday, the prosecution painted a terrible picture of Wisdom’s brief life, claiming that his mother hardly ever paid him any care, would go days without feeding him, and seldom ever let him out of his cot.

Hannion reportedly admitted to investigators that she heard the infant “screaming on Saturday but did not check on him once over the entire weekend” right before Wisdom’s death.

According to prosecutors, Hannion “indicated that the screaming gradually ceased, and she just couldn’t be moved to get up to check on baby Nathan.” That Monday, her sister reportedly discovered Wisdom dead when she arrived to supervise him.

Hannion reportedly admitted to being a “poor mother” who “lacked motivation to feed and care for baby Nathan, and that most of the time she just doesn’t feel like moving and so she cannot get to baby Nathan,” according to the Tribune. On April 30, Hannion will show up in court once more.

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