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A murder suspect was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday for the deaths of his 15-year-old estranged daughter, her mother, her grandmother, and a man who resided in the victims’ house. Moreover, Brevard County, Florida, prosecutors declared they are considering applying the death penalty against Domenico Gigante, the 36-year-old suspected murderer.

State attorney for the 18th Judicial Circuit Phil Archer said, “Even though GIGANTE’s prior convictions could not have resulted in a prison sentence preventing these horrific crimes, I am aware of the great responsibility placed on my office to use every means possible to protect society from predators and seek justice on behalf of victims.

Domenico Claude Gigante Age

Domenico Claude Gigante is 36 years old.

Domenico Claude Gigante Incident Detail

This includes requesting a jury to impose the death penalty as the ultimate punishment to ensure that result,” the statement continued. According to records, Gigante entered a written not guilty plea on Wednesday. From that point forward, prosecutors have 45 days to submit a notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

Police suspect that Gigante broke into Kiarra Terwilliger’s home and shot and killed the teen, her mother Constance Terwilliger, 35, her grandmother Glenda Terwilliger, 63, as well as a resident of the house named Michael Watson, 36. Watson was allegedly the father of two undamaged children, aged 6 and 9, according to the prosecution. Authorities claimed that Constance Terwilliger and Gigante had had a connection.

According to deputies, the suspect had been attempting to get in touch with his daughter but she had rejected him. Gigante allegedly consented to accompany his roommate to the Criminal Investigation Services office after police informed him that his daughter had passed away. But first he wanted to acquire his roommate’s keys and go inside his house with them.

Deputies reported that “shortly after, [the roommate] left the house and approached the agent.” He claimed that because of Mr. Gigante’s behaviour, he needed to stay apart from him. According to him, he questioned Gigante, “Did you do this?” According to reports, Gigante admitted shooting his daughter three times.

The roommate claimed that Gigante had previously complained about his daughter and her family’s circumstances. Gigante allegedly said, “I guess I’m going to go over them [sic] and murder them all.” According to deputies, surveillance video from his residence showed him getting into his pickup vehicle while holding what seemed to be a gun.

Authorities claimed that a car matching the description of Gigante’s vehicle was visible in the area from surveillance footage taken in the vicinity of the victims. The defendant’s truck is purportedly seen in video taken by the victims’ next-door neighbour.

According to the cops, the car appeared to drive into the victim’s driveway. According to officials, the audio included female screams and gunfire. Four counts of first-degree murder and one count of armed burglary while causing grievous bodily harm or death are charged in the murder case.

According to court records, Gigante was accused of a variety of violent crimes throughout the years, including animal cruelty and aggravated assault, for which he was found guilty. He “struck one dog’s head against the table, snapped its neck, and tossed it across the room into a wall, killing it” in the case involving animal cruelty. He then allegedly attempted to kill a dog by stabbing another one.

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