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Jackson The 22-year-old brother of Patrick Mahomes, the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, was detained on Wednesday after a waiter and a restaurant owner both claimed the defendant shoved them. According to the records, he is accused of battery and three charges of aggravated sexual battery. The bond amount was $100,000.

He is still being held in the Johnson County, Kansas, jail. On Wednesday, a hearing for the first appearance was planned. Jackson Mahomes was captured on camera kissing a lady after snatching her by the throat. According to Aspen Vaughn, proprietor of the Aspen Restaurant & Lounge, Mahomes behaved without her permission and she informed him of this at the time.

Jackson Wayne Mahomes Age

Jackson Wayne Mahomes is 22 years old.

Incident Detail

Additionally, the 22-year-old was charged with pushing a waiter. According to the allegations, a restaurant staff smelled marijuana coming from a private room that Mahomes and his buddies were using and tried to stop them, but they were driven out by the group.

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After the coerced kiss, according to Vaughn and her husband, they ejected Mahomes and the group. Police were contacted. Attorney Brandan Davies reportedly stated at the time, “Jackson has done nothing wrong,” according to a March 4 report from TMZ. “Our investigation turned up a lot of evidence disproving Jackson’s accuser’s claims, including the testimony of several witnesses,” the report reads.

To give law enforcement a thorough view of the situation, we have contacted them to share the findings of our inquiry. Mahomes’ legal team stated in March, via KCTV, “We have given law enforcement the tools and evidence they need to assess the claims against Jackson.” “The appropriate context must be given to every human contact.

A brief excerpt from any video is never released with sufficient context. We trust the procedure and anticipate an early conclusion to the issue. A comment from Davies was requested by Law&Crime but was not immediately forthcoming.

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