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Having hurled a racial epithet at the Black and Latino father of three before running him over with his truck, a 56-year-old white man was found guilty of murder.Dean Kapsalis, according to the prosecution, was found guilty of the attack that killed Henry Tapia, 34, on January 19, 2021 in Belmont, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.  According to the authorities, it was a case of road rage that turned into a racially motivated killing on a residential street after a simple debate about whether or not an indicator was being utilised in traffic.

According to the prosecution, Kapsalis was found guilty of second-degree murder, constitutional rights violation resulting in serious bodily injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a motor vehicle) resulting in serious bodily injury, and abandoning the scene after inflicting harm.On June 27, he will be judged and could receive a life sentence.

Dean Kapsalis Age

Dean Kapsalis is 54 years old.

Incident Detail

After the verdict, Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan noted at a news conference that the debate that started over whether or not an automobile was using its indicator in traffic evolved into the attack. Without a doubt, Ryan declared, “This was a racially motivated senseless tragedy.” The significance of today’s decision lies in the fact that violent acts committed in Middlesex County that are motivated by racism and hatred will no longer be dismissed as isolated instances.

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We will file separate charges against those people, pursue separate prosecutions for the crime, and hold those people accountable. Kapsalis’ lawyer, John Cunha Jr., told the Boston Globe that although his client said something terrible, it wasn’t a hate crime. The defence claimed that Tapia’s death was an accident during the trial. Tapia hopped onto the truck’s hood and was murdered when he went underneath the vehicle, according to the Globe.

Cunha further alleged that his client drove into the sidewalk to escape Tapia.Cunha informed the newspaper that he intended to challenge the decision, claiming that the jury had judged his client guilty of fleeing the accident site negligently rather than maliciously. According to the authorities, an argument about the indicator started between Tapia and Kapsalis at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a residential street.

“We found out that the two people had gotten out of their cars from neighbours and others who had watched,” Ryan added. They were shouting at each other in the street. According to all accounts, the altercation appeared to have concluded after some yelling, and the two drivers were on their way back to their cars when Dean Kapsalis turned and yelled a horrifying racist epithet at Mr. Tapia.

He then got into his pickup vehicle and slammed it into Mr. Tapia, killing him as a result of the injuries he sustained. Before leaving, Kapsalis allegedly dragged Tapia a short distance, according to the police. Tapia was discovered by police on the highway close to his Honda Civic’s driver’s side. He had life-threatening wounds but was aware when he passed away at a hospital, according to officials.

The red Dodge Dakota pickup truck was the target of a police notice, but Kapsalis brought himself in at a police station 30 minutes later. According to officials, Kapsalis was first accused of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a violation of a person’s civil rights resulting in injury, and abandoning the scene resulting in injury.

Later, the prosecution added charges of murder and fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in death. Courtney Morton, Tapia’s girlfriend, said at the time that she had lost her best friend, lover, spouse, protector, and father to her children. According to Morton, who spoke to the Globe, “He had a smile that could melt your heart, and that’s literally what won me over.”

Additionally, his eyes. In addition, he resembled a bear. He was just a sweet, cuddly bear.She informed the Boston Globe that he was rearing her child just like it was his. She told the newspaper, “He didn’t look at him or treat him any differently.

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