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Social internet is buzzing with a YouTube video of a handyman from Northern California. The handyman, Flash Shelton, discovered a means to exact the ultimate retaliation after learning that squatters had moved into the house his late mother formerly owned.

The handyman demonstrated in a YouTube video how he became a squatter himself and moved into his parents’ flat, turning the tables on the squatters there. Internet users praised Shelton’s action, and the video has received more than three million views. Nevertheless, what shocked online users the most was how quickly he was able to kick out the squatters.

Flash Shelton Age

Flash Shelton’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

He used the same reasoning, establishing himself as a “squatter on the squatter,” and he questioned whether he had the same rights as them. Netizens were amazed by the footage and the handyman’s handling of the squatters; some even dubbed him a “Hero” on numerous sites.

The National Association of Handyman Professionals and the United Handyman Association were both founded by Flash Shelton, who also served as its executive director. Flash has over 40 years of experience and has been employed since 1983. He is also the host of the United Handyman Answers YouTube channel.

He primarily discusses home security, home services, and trade associations on his YouTube channel. He also mentors other professionals and handymen using his skills. Shelton has been crucial in guiding handymen through the challenges of establishing a business and guaranteeing that their clients receive the greatest care.

He was a Little League Baseball manager for 23 years and 7 months, from 1995 to 2018, according to his LinkedIn profile. After finishing high school at Rio Mesa, Shelton went on to work as a handyman and a company owner. The handyman discussed how he deceived the squatters in the video he uploaded. He claimed that after his mother was unable to live there by herself, individuals started moving into his parents’ home.

He claimed that it all started when a woman who identified herself as a correctional officer approached him and asked to rent the property. Shelton, however, refuted it because he thought she lacked sufficient resources and credit. But he later discovered that the woman had transported several of her belongings to the house even though Flash had told her she couldn’t rent it.

Additionally, he discovered via neighbours and realtors that there were people living in the house and that it was furnished. Shelton called the police as soon as he discovered how the trespassers had entered his parent’s home, but he did not get a helpful answer. When discussing the same, He claimed in his video that they advised him to go to court and that they were unable to enter the home because the woman and her family were residing there.

In his video, he also made the assertion that he knew the laws gave squatters more rights than landowners. He made the decision to draught a lease and list himself as the occupant of the property since he realised he had to find a solution to the issue. Then, after waiting for everyone to go, he parked his car on the street just in front of the residence.

He used his keys to roam around the house installing cameras after he noticed that the family members left one after the other. Squatting inside the house, the woman approached the handyman and expressed her regret for the predicament. Shelton then instructed her to leave the residence with her belongings in a few hours. After that, the family left within the following few hours.

Flash not only succeeded in evicting squatters from his parents’ home, but he also gained popularity on social media and received praise for his “wise action.” The audience was astounded by the video as it circulated on social media, and people all around the world started praising Flash for his foresight. While some hailed him as a hero, others said the squatters ought to have been punished for their actions.

Individuals also talked about squatters and their problems with them, as well as why they should not have so many privileges in the country. It is important to note that squatting is prohibited in the USA, and trespassers who engage in it risk fines and even jail time. A “no trespassing” sign and frequent visits to abandoned homes are advised by experts for homeowners with vacant properties.

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