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Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez, an 11-year-old New Jersey girl who passed only days after attempting suicide in a high school restroom, had endured constant bullying, according to her mother. Felicia had reported the bullying to the school authorities. The F.W. Holbein School in Mount Holly’s lavatory was where the youngster was discovered comatose on February 6.

She passed away two days later, according to the Burlington County prosecutor’s office. Elaina LoAlbo, the girl’s mother, claimed that Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez had endured harassment for years. Friday response requests went unanswered by LoAlbo, but she told NBC Philadelphia that her daughter was often made fun of by her classmates.They described her as hairy. She didn’t have fur.

Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez Age

Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez was 11 years old.

Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez Cause of Death

She was labelled as gay. They gave her a straight talk. Her label was “bi.” They gave her many different names. She continued, “Within the confines of that school, my daughter was being tortured.” According to LoAlbo, Felicia and her mother complained about the bullying but were given no attention.

In the final four days before her death, the mother claimed her daughter sent about a dozen emails to her school counselor, and she herself reported the harassment to Holbein authorities four times. Philadelphia’s NBC.

“She is mentioning her to her teachers. Most bullying and violent altercations that occurred in classrooms and on field trips were observed by teachers, according to LoAlbo, who spoke to NBC Philadelphia. Two weeks after her father’s death from pancreatic cancer, the girl passed away, according to LoAlbo.

She was by herself in the lavatory when this awful incident took place, according to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office’s inquiry, which included a check of school security cameras. The investigation also revealed that there was no wrongdoing.

In response to the mother’s request to view the CCTV tape, prosecutors stated they would comply. The Mount Holly Township School District, according to Robert Mungo, superintendent, worked with the prosecutor’s office on the investigation.

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