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According to Monroe County prosecutors, a Florida mall owner shot and murdered a different guy for urinating inside his structure. Surveillance video and 911 audio that were just made public seem to support their assertions. In connection with the February 13 shooting death of Garrett Hughes, 21, an unarmed man who passed away in an alleyway behind Conch Town Liquor & Lounge on Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West, Lloyd Preston Brewer III, 57, is charged with one count of second-degree murder.

On a 911 call, a lady states, “I need someone in Conch Town right away.” “Someone was shot just now.” The man in the video confronting the naked victim after peeing on the building’s side is identified by authorities as Brewer. The attacker in the pictures then raises his arms after reaching around the victim’s waist. After that, there is an altercation, however the hazy video makes it unclear whether there was a shooting. In a short while, Hughes would pass away.

Lloyd Preston Brewer Age

Lloyd Preston Brewer is 57 years old.

Lloyd Preston Brewer Incident Detail

A police report acquired by Miami-based ABC station WPLG describes the defendant as getting into a “firing position” before the young man was fatally shot. According to Monroe County State’s Attorney Dennis Ward, “(Hughes) is stumbling around, and (Brewer) pulls up his shirt, pulls out a gun, and shoots him in the stomach.”

.During his own 911 call, Brewer stated that the shooting was done to defend himself. The accused is heard saying, “Yes, hello, I just shot someone,” in the recording. The dispatcher then queries the shooter. Brewer answers, “I don’t know,” before requesting the name of the dying man from a passerby. Hughes, Garrett.

When the defendant shot the victim, the dispatcher was curious why. Brewer replies, “He aggressively approached me in my parking lot in Conch Town. However, Monroe claimed that investigators and the police had come to the conclusion that “the video does not support that theory.”

According to Brewer, Hughes appeared to be about to grab something from his waist, a Key West police detective noted in a report seen by WPLG. Brewer denied seeing Hughes with firearms in his hands but was unable to pinpoint exactly what about Hughes’ behaviour was violent or threatening.

In a statement to the television station, Chris Mancini, Brewer’s defence lawyer, refuted the police’s reading of the video. In this case, the videotape evidence “absolutely does not” demonstrate what the Monroe County (State Attorney’s Office) said in the media.

The SAO has been attempting to persuade the general public that “this was a senseless murder,” that Mr. Brewer was “upset” and had a “distorted interpretation of the situation,” and that the video footage does not “prove a defence in this case.” Hughes’s parents, John Hughes and Lesley Touzalin, filed a wrongful-death case in Monroe County against Brewer and numerous parties connected to the murderer and his family in late March.

Brewer and his family do not actually own the bar; rather, a tenant in the Searstown mall they own does. The pub is not specifically mentioned in the family’s case, but it does claim that Brewer-affiliated companies were careless on the relevant day. According to the lawsuit, “the (defendants) became liable for injuries and damages caused and resulting from (Brewer’s) intoxication by providing excessive amounts of alcohol to a known and habitual drunkard (Brewer)”.

On Thursday, the day after Brewer’s final court date, the discovery in the case was made public. The defendant is currently being detained without bond at the Monroe County Jail. Defense lawyer Don Yates tried a novel strategy at Brewer’s arraignment in February, arguing, “I think it would serve justice if you go ahead and let Brewer remain in prison.”

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