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In Washington state, a 32-year-old man has been detained in connection with the 13-month-old boy’s death who was allegedly beaten to death while in his care late last year. According to court documents analysed by Law&Crime, Eric Richard Boudreau was detained last week and charged with one count of second-degree murder in the toddler’s death.

According to a Wednesday tweet from the Lacey Police Department (LPD), “Today, after a lengthy and comprehensive investigation, and with the assistance of our Community Resource Unit and Patrol, our Detectives arrested the suspect in a homicide of a 13-month-old from late last year.” A picture of Boudreau being arrested by police while having his hands cuffed behind his back was posted along with the article.

Eric Richard Boudreau Age

Eric Richard Boudreau is 32 years old.

Eric Richard Boudreau Incident Detail

About 30 miles southwest of Tacoma is where you’ll find Lacey. An affidavit of probable cause acquired by The Olympian states that on November 11, 2022, at around 1:44 p.m., LPD officers and firemen responded to a 911 call at a residence in the 9000 block of Campus Glen Road Northeast for a hurt kid. The kid was said to have fallen down the steps as his babysitter, Boudreau, who was later identified, slept off.

First responders made touch with the kid and hurried him to Providence St. Peter Hospital once they arrived on the scene. Officials reportedly stated that after performing 16 rounds of CPR, doctors were able to detect the victim’s heartbeat. The man was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle due to the seriousness of his wounds, where he was later declared dead.

The toddler’s death was ruled a homicide by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office following an autopsy, according to an article in The Olympian. The cause of death was judged to be blunt force trauma to the head. According to reports, detectives working the case spoke with the first responders and acquired distressing facts about the victim’s condition. The Olympian said that many paramedics who attended to the child told police that his injuries were “not consistent with sliding down the stairs.”

There “wasn’t a square inch” of the infant’s body that was unbruised, according to one medical professional. The child’s injuries, according to a second medic, were the worst they had ever seen in their 17 years of service. According to reports, the mother of the victim told authorities that she shared a home with Boudreau and another mother who had two children of her own.

The mother claimed she had to go to work and had left her son in Boudreau’s care because his daycare was closed. According to reports, the mother of the victim and the other woman told police they didn’t think Boudreau would hurt their According to reports, the mother of the victim and the other woman both told police they didn’t think Boudreau would hurt their kids.

According to reports, the victim’s father, who lived below the victim’s mother, told authorities that earlier that morning he overheard an irate Boudreau telling the wailing toddler to “shut up,” claiming it made him “uncomfortable,” but he had to go to work out of fear of losing his job. Boudreau apparently admitted to drinking a lot of beer and smoking marijuana the night before his band’s performance, but insisted that he was fine to watch the toddler the next day while speaking with authorities.

He allegedly said that after falling asleep alongside the youngster, he awoke to discover the victim hurt at the bottom of the stairs. He then informed the mother of the child about the fall, according to the Olympian. Afterwards, the mother dialled 911. According to The Olympian, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Cailen Cecil successfully argued at a hearing on Friday to have Boudreau kept without bond because of the victim’s “severe and many” wounds.

According to Judge John Skinder’s reasoning, Boudreau would be a risk to the public if released.According to reports, Skinder said, “I do have a fear about a major risk for the community because of the amount and level of force that would have been necessary, based upon the claims, against a tiny child.”

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