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The search for Elvis Francois, the Dominica sailor who survived on ketchup and relish while stranded at sea for 24 days, has been solved. He’s right in Dominica… but he’s been without a phone. American food processing company Heinz, which makes thousands of food products including ketchup, has been trying to track down Francois by using #FindTheKetchupBoatGuy on his Instagram page to celebrate his safe return and buy him a boat. new.

With all the hype surrounding this latest update, people have been trying to track down the lucky sailor to connect him to Heinz. However, it appears that Heinz was finally able to make contact. And that’s how. On Wednesday, the local media house EmoNews found Francois in the small community of Anse De Mai in northern Dominica, where they broadcast an interview online from his mother’s residence.

Elvis Francois Age

Elvis Francois is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

The interview worked. Heinz in the comments to EmoNews said: “We’ve jumped on his DMs, let’s get Elvis the boat from him!” In the interview, Francois recalled how he got stranded at sea. He was on a yacht doing repairs on the island of Saint Martin when he drifted in December 2022.

“That happened so fast. The ship had some problems, so it also took time to repair it So he ended up being in the sea and he was 24 days. Without much to do, Francois said that he had a bottle of ketchup, garlic seasoning, and a bottle of Maggi.

Francois, 47, said he tried to eat some seaweed… he tried seawater but it was too strong. On January 15, 2023, he was picked up by the Colombian Navy after a helicopter sighted him. Francois said that since the ordeal he lost everything he had and has to start over, and currently he doesn’t have a phone. ? Dominican sailor survived almost a month at sea with only ketchup and condiments.

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