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An unethical A husband from Sellersville, Pennsylvania, who had the “dream” of starting a comic book shop will serve two to four decades in jail after confessing to killing and dismembering his 55-year-old wife, Elizabeth “Beth” Capaldi, whom he had been married to for 30 years. Only four months after the suspect was detained and accused, Stephen Capaldi, 57, entered a guilty plea on Tuesday to murder and other offences and was given a sentence of 22 to 44 years in prison, according to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

Third-degree murder, using a weapon during a crime, altering or creating physical evidence, hindering the execution of a legal process or other official duty, and mistreatment of a corpse were the charges to which Capaldi pleaded guilty. On Oct. 12, investigators received their first indication that Elizabeth Capaldi was in grave danger, when the victim’s daughter Emma reported her mom missing.

Elizabeth Capaldi Age

Elizabeth Capaldi was 57 years old.

Elizabeth Capaldi Cause of Death

That was two days after Stephen Capaldi admittedly smothered his sleeping wife with a pillow, strangled her, and then dragged her body to the basement to cut up and dispose of the woman’s remains. As Law&Crime reported last December on the case, an affidavit of probable cause said that the defendant told “numerous lies” about what happened. He also made some damning internet searches, some as straightforward as: “

How to get away with murder”; “how to delete Facebook messages”; “can you avoid police detection by turning off your phone”; “how to control your dark impulses”; “how to disappear and never be found”; and “FBI Handbook of Crime Scene Forensics.”The defendant also searched “Reciprocating saw” and “DIY blacklight.”

“FBI Handbook of Crime Scene Forensics” and “how to vanish and never be found”Also looked up by the defendant were “Reciprocating saw” and “DIY blacklight.” According to the grand jury report, before the murder, the defendant “found someone (his mistress) that he loved and who supported his dream of opening a comic book store with his brother while his wife did not.”

The defendant initially stated in the grand jury report that his wife of thirty years might have departed “on her own will” and that he “had no idea where she could be but guessed that it was probably a beach or somewhere warm. The night before Elizabeth was last seen alive, he claimed the two even clasped hands on the couch as they watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer before bed.

He added that Elizabeth was the one who had come out and acknowledged to having an affair. The grand jury concluded that the contrary was true: Stephen, not Elizabeth, had an extramarital affair, was dissatisfied with his marriage, killed Elizabeth on his own initiative, and knew exactly where she was. A phone search for the defendant revealed evidence of a six-month “emotional and sexual affair” with a different lady.

The defendant’s daughter said she would notify the police once Elizabeth Capaldi vanished. The murdering father just said, “Do what you think you have to do.”In her victim impact statement, Emma argued that her father should “never be free from prison to finally leave my mother’s memory in peace.” Emma allegedly stated, “My mother is dead, and my father killed her,” according to the prosecution.  “I have the love of friends, family, and even strangers, but my own father took the person who loved me most.” This article was contributed to by Colin Kalmbacher.

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