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Glass Onion actor Edward Norton learned on a television show that his ancestors had owned slaves. This came after it was revealed that fellow actor Benedict Cumberbatch was facing a redress claim regarding his slave-owning ancestors. His ancestors once owned 250 slaves and ran a plantation in Barbados; now they are demanding compensation.

The 53-year-old actor was “uncomfortable” when historian Henry Louis Gates Jr first revealed the information to him in a preview of PBS’s Finding Your Roots, according to Metro. “What’s it like to see that?” Gates Jr. questioned after giving the actor a photo of a family of seven. “The short answer is that these things are uncomfortable and you should be uncomfortable with them.

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Edward Norton is 53 years old.

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Everyone should be uncomfortable with that,” replied the Fight Club actor. girls four, six, eight, nine and ten years old. While he said this is uncomfortable, Norton added: “This is not a judgment on you and your own life, but a judgment on the history of this country. It must first be recognized and then confronted.”

He continued: “When you get away from the census counts and personalize things, you’re talking about possibly a husband and wife with five girls, and these girls are slaves. Born into slavery,” Metro reported. When Gates Jr commented, “Born into slavery and into perpetual slavery,” Norton said, “Yeah, once again, when you read ‘eight year slave,’ you just want to die.”

According to many reports, Norton is a member of the wealthy Rouse family. His grandfather, James Rouse, was a businessman and real estate mogul who reshaped American cities in a way that remains recognizable today. This comes in the wake of an allegation that wealthy descendants of Benedict Cumberbatch might have to engage in a reparations dispute with the Barbadian government.

Since becoming a republic in 2021, the Barbados government has been persecuting many wealthy descendants of former slaveholders and making them pay for their “horrible” family history. As MEAWW previously reported, Cumberbatch’s seventh great-grandfather bought the Cleland plantation from the Caribbean nation on the north side of the island in 1728 and owned the land until 1728, the year slavery was abolished.

In a 2007 interview with the New York Times, the “The Imitation Game” star told his mother that she had suggested that he start his acting career under a stage name just to avoid paying reparations. Interestingly, he noted that he accepted the role in ’12 Years a Slave’ because he felt sorry for his ancestor’s involvement in the slave trade.

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