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Dylan Alcott has finally addressed the controversy sparked after a video surfaced online of him using a sex toy with his sexologist girlfriend, Chantelle Otten, at a restaurant. Addressing the hot-button debate, the 31-year-old Australian of the Year 2022 and wheelchair tennis star told Body + Soul magazine that he’s proud of the work Otten does and doesn’t pay attention to critics. ‘Everyone is entitled to her opinion. I’m not telling other people how they should react,” he said.

Dylan Alcott Age

Dylan Alcott is 31 years old.

Incident detail

“I am not telling other people how they should react. All I know is what we stand for in our relationship. I am proud of the work he does and supports me in the disability space.” she added she. The video in question was shared by Otten, 31, on her Instagram stories. With the images, the sexologist gave a glimpse of her musical dinner in an elegant restaurant with her boyfriend Alcott and a group of friends. Before heading out to dinner, Otten gave a brief description of the product, saying that this sex toy is “for pride month.”

‘To celebrate Pride, I decided to try something new that would give me pleasure. This part slips into your panties,’ she explained to her 170,000 followers as she showed off the device. Once she settled into her seat, she inserted the toy inside her and shook her head saying that she was enjoying the feel of it. Later, Alcott and one of her friends slowly rubbed Otten’s crotch to feel the vibration of the device.

She then let her tennis star boyfriend take control of the device with her smartphone. As she controlled the device, Otten giggled and squirmed, occasionally gasping and laughing in ecstasy. “I will confirm that it is fun,” she captioned the video. “Great for a date night. Give control to your partner (or whoever, really!) Great for parties. Was it appropriate for a restaurant? I don’t know, but we had fun!”

“As Aussie of the Year, do we really need to read about your sexual adventures in a Sydney restaurant? Is there something holy in your world? Solve your thing,” another user complained. “Sorry Dylan you lost me! Do what you want in private but keep it off social media,” one reviewer wrote.

However, Alcott received a lot of positive feedback, with many fans saying her racy night with Otten made the sports hero even more likable. “I just read an article about Dylan Alcott, a respected Paralympic athlete, disability advocate and Australian of the Year, using a sex toy with his partner in a restaurant. Frankly, I’m shocked. I didn’t think I’d like it.” More than I already did but here we are,” one fan tweeted.

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