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A 33-year-old woman named Stacie Bastable was left with a broken neck and still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after her cousin Reece Cooper beat her with a police baton on April 3, 2021 at a family gathering. being held in memory of two family members who died during the pandemic.

According to DailyMail, Cooper, then 18, arrived with alcohol and armed with an extendable baton at the family event in Wolverhampton. She beat up Bastable and two others, including Bastable’s daughter. Bastable was fractured after the assault and was fitted with a special halo collar to help her recover from her injuries. She has also suffered from PTSD and had to leave her job as a civil servant. As she recounted the attack, she said that she had not been provoked at all. “I was like a wild animal. I knew right away my neck was broken because I had to support my head with my hands,” she recalls.

Stacie Bastable Age

Stacie Bastable is 33 years old.

Incident Detail

Bastable further said: “It completely changed my personality, I used to go to the gym every day after work, but now I really have a hard time going. I can’t face the prospect of going back to anything right now, I just know I’m not mentally prepared. I panic over silly little things, like going downstairs, knowing I might trip and break my neck again. I’m constantly on alert mode.”

“Even when my daughter hugs me, I am terrified that she will be too strong and hurt me. Now I am also fighting with other people, if a member of my family can do something like that, how can I trust someone else? He has put a lot of tension in the family, I hardly talk to anyone who was at that meeting now, “he added.

Initially, Cooper did not plead to either offence, but then, before a jury trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court, he pleaded guilty to bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon and two counts of assault with beating, and was jailed for three years.

Judge Chambers said during the hearing on August 26: “You went to a family party armed with a serious weapon. During the course of that party, you attacked and assaulted a middle-aged woman by hitting her repeatedly in the neck causing fractures and Como As a result, she suffered serious life-changing injuries. You were 18 at the time. Your report concludes that you have a low level of maturity. But it is still a serious assault in the context of you coming to this event with a weapon. There is no suggestion that you wore it to cause trouble at this specific event.”

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