Did Ken and Brittany Break Up: What Happened to Ken and Brittany?

Ken And Brittany

Love Is Blind Season 6 has brought its fair share of surprises, but none more shocking than the unexpected breakup of Kenneth Gorham, 26, and Brittany Mills, 25.

The couple, who got engaged in the pods, seemed to have a strong connection, but things took a turn for the worse after a tumultuous boat ride in episode seven.

Ken And Brittany
Ken And Brittany

Did Ken and Brittany Break Up

Despite their promising start, Kenneth and Brittany faced challenges upon returning from their romantic trip to the Dominican Republic. The awkward boat ride was a precursor to the unraveling of their relationship. Moving in together in episode seven, they were confronted with a lack of intimacy, ultimately leading to their breakup by the end of episode eight.

In episode eight, titled ‘Clinging to Love,’ the couple was seen discussing their relationship in the kitchen of their new apartment. Brittany expressed her frustration when Kenneth woke her up in the middle of the night before her 5 am work shift.

Kenneth defended his actions, emphasizing that he wanted to say goodnight to her and that one night shouldn’t define their entire relationship.

What Happened to Ken and Brittany?

In episode eight, titled ‘Clinging to Love,’ viewers witnessed a crucial conversation between Ken and Brittany in their new apartment. Brittany questioned Ken’s late-night actions, waking her up when he knew she had an early 5 am work schedule.

Ken defended himself, expressing his desire to bid her goodnight and insisting that one night shouldn’t define their entire relationship. This moment highlighted a communication gap and differing expectations regarding personal space.

Kenneth’s Perspective

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Kenneth shed light on the real reason behind their breakup. Despite their strong emotional connection, time played a crucial role in their decision to part ways. Just a week away from their scheduled wedding, Kenneth realized the timing wasn’t conducive to saying “I do.”

He admitted, “As much as I would love to still fight for this thing, considering where we are right now, there’s no way that we could say yes to each other in a week.”

The Silent Processor

Ken acknowledged his tendency to process things internally, which contributed to their demise. He explained, “I’m like a silent processor,” revealing that instead of addressing issues at the moment, he would retreat and internalize his feelings. This realization highlighted the importance of open communication in a relationship.

Brittany’s Perspective

From Brittany’s viewpoint, the couple drifted apart as they tried to navigate their daily lives post-Dominican Republic. She emphasized that the unique Love Is Blind experience added complexity to their relationship.

Brittany explained, “We came to an understanding of, yes, we did see some changes post-being in the pods and then in the DR.” She highlighted the challenge of maintaining the initial energy and connection once back to their regular routines.

Phone Usage Misconception

Contrary to speculation, Brittany clarified that Ken’s phone usage wasn’t a factor in their breakup. She understood the demands of his career as a middle school principal and appreciated his dedication.

Brittany stated, “Whether it is shown that way or not, that’s my feelings and that was our story.” Ken expressed remorse for his on-screen actions, emphasizing his commitment to the relationship despite the unintended portrayal.

Reflections in the Dominican Republic

Addressing the silent moments during their getaway to the Dominican Republic, Brittany explained that those instances were moments of reflection. Both being extroverts and introverts, they would take a step back to process thoughts and appreciate each other’s reflective nature.

As Love Is Blind season six unfolds, only four couples remain engaged. The journey continues, testing the limits of love and challenging each couple’s commitment. Stay tuned for more twists and turns as the drama unfolds in episodes 10 and 11 on Netflix.

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