Are Kenneth and Brittany Love Is Blind Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Kenneth And Brittany

Love Is Blind Season 6 has taken viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, and one couple that had fans invested was Kenneth and Brittany. However, by the end of episode eight, the couple had called it quits, leaving viewers wondering: Are Kenneth and Brittany still together? Let’s dive into the details.

Kenneth And Brittany
Kenneth And Brittany

The Promising Start

Kenneth, 26, and Brittany, 25, got engaged in the pods after bonding over shared values, including similar religious beliefs. Their initial meetings and engagement seemed promising, with no signs of trouble. However, as the next set of episodes unfolded, it became clear that challenges awaited the couple.

Are Kenneth and Brittany Love Is Blind Still Together

After an awkward boat ride in episode seven, Kenneth and Brittany moved in together, but by the end of episode eight, they had decided to end their relationship due to a lack of intimacy. In episode eight, titled ‘Clinging to Love,’ the couple discussed their issues in the kitchen of their new apartment.

Brittany questioned Kenneth’s late-night interruption, and their conversation revealed a growing distance between them.

Kenneth defended himself, saying, “I wanted to say goodnight to Brittany, and I didn’t want that one night to change how Brittany perceived the rest of our relationship.”

Despite the emotional connection they once shared, the couple decided to part ways, and Kenneth revealed that the primary factor behind their split was time.

The Role of Time

Kenneth expressed, “Brittany and I just had a phenomenal connection. It was so real, so genuine, so authentic, something I had never experienced before to that level.” However, facing the imminent wedding and realizing the time constraints, Kenneth made the difficult decision to walk away.

He admitted sensing the end approaching, saying, “I can kind of feel some things that are a little icky for me.”

Where Are They Now?

Now that Kenneth and Brittany have gone their separate ways, only four couples remain engaged in Season 6. Chelsea and Jimmy, AD and Clay, Laura and Jeramey, and Amy and Johnny are left to navigate the challenges of love before deciding if they will say “I do.”

In the unpredictable world of Love Is Blind, Kenneth and Brittany’s story serves as a reminder that even the strongest connections may face unexpected hurdles. As the season unfolds, viewers will eagerly watch to see which couples will defy the odds and find lasting love.

Different Perspectives

From Kenneth’s perspective, his tendency to process things internally and moments of retreat contributed to their demise. “I’m like a silent processor,” he explained, acknowledging that he tended to mellow out and become less vocal when processing internal thoughts.

Brittany, on the other hand, emphasized that their breakup wasn’t influenced by Kenneth’s phone usage, a topic that was highlighted during their time in the apartment together. She stated, “Whether it is shown that way or not, that’s my feelings and that was our story.”

Brittany explained that she understood the importance of Kenneth’s career and didn’t want to be reactive without giving the experience a chance to play out.


Kenneth and Brittany’s love story in Love Is Blind may have ended in heartbreak, but they both acknowledge the growth and self-discovery that emerged from the experience. As we eagerly await the next episodes, we can’t help but wonder which couples will make it to the altar and if love truly is blind for them.

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