Love Is Blind Star Trevor Sova’s Girlfriend, Who is Trevor Sova Dating Now?

Love Is Blind Star Trevor Sova

Love Is Blind Season 6 brought us the emotional rollercoaster of Trevor Sova’s journey, where he found himself entangled in both love and heartbreak. While the show showcased Trevor’s connection with Chelsea Blackwell, there were whispers about a past relationship. Let’s delve into the intriguing tale of Love Is Blind star Trevor Sova’s romantic escapades.

Love Is Blind Star Trevor Sova
Love Is Blind Star Trevor Sova

Love Is Blind Star Trevor Sova’s Girlfriend

Trevor Sova, portrayed as a hopeful romantic in Season 6, seemed to have a love story with Chelsea Blackwell. However, rumors surfaced about a pre-existing relationship during the filming. The Reality Ashley’s Instagram page shared revealing texts allegedly between Trevor and Natalia Marrero, his reported girlfriend during the show.

The texts, as shared by The Reality Ashley, painted a picture of Trevor’s commitment to Natalia. “I love you so much honey. I’m excited for it but more excited to get back to you after and start our life together,” expressed Trevor in the messages. This revelation added a layer of complexity to Trevor’s Love Is Blind journey.

Despite the emotional turmoil on Love Is Blind, Trevor appears to have moved forward in his life. His return to work and regular routines indicates a resilience to bounce back from the televised heartbreak. The loss of his beloved dogs, Duke and Chelsea, adds a poignant touch to his post-show narrative.

As we reflect on Trevor’s journey, it raises questions about the authenticity of reality TV relationships and the toll they can take on individuals. While Trevor navigated the complexities of love on-screen, his real-life challenges and losses paint a more profound picture of the man behind the reality TV persona.

Who is Trevor Sova Dating Now?

Post Love Is Blind Season 6, Trevor returned to his routine, resuming his role as a project technician for Cardinal Health. His Instagram unveils glimpses of his life back in North Carolina, focusing on fitness and spending time with his dogs, Bear and Goliath.

Tragically, Trevor shared the heartbreaking news of his family dog, Duke’s passing, on January 20, 2024. Duke had been grappling with a tumor in his nose, compelling Trevor’s family to make the painful decision to let him go.

Trevor’s Instagram also revealed the sorrowful loss of another loyal companion. He bid farewell to his dog Chelsea on April 8, 2023, commemorating her as the most loyal and loving dog he could ever ask for. Interestingly, Chelsea, the dog, passed away on the same day that Chelsea, the human, broke up with him in the pods during Season 6.


Love Is Blind star Trevor Sova’s journey is a testament to the twists and turns of reality TV romance. From the speculated girlfriend during filming to the heartbreak on the show, and the subsequent challenges in his personal life, Trevor’s story goes beyond the confines of the pods.

As fans continue to follow his post-show life, one thing is clear – love, whether blind or not, comes with its own set of complexities and surprises.

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