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On November 20, a Florida bartender named David Ghiloni jumped over the bar to bring down a man for pinning a woman in a headlock. Ghiloni, an employee at Smiles Nite Club in Palm Coast, was unaware that the man he was fighting with was pointing a gun at the woman.

In security video, Ghiloni can be seen jumping over the bar to protect the victim from the culprit, Connor Anderson, who had her in a headlock with a gun to her head. Anderson began carelessly firing the gun inside the pub despite the efforts of Ghiloni and the other bar patrons to stop him from doing so.

David Ghiloni Age

David Ghiloni is 60 years old.

Incident Detail

Fortunately, Ghiloni and the other patrons took appropriate steps to prevent injury to the victim and the bar patrons. Anderson, the gunman, was arrested by FCSO officers shortly thereafter in a nearby parking lot. On December 19, Ghiloni received a salvage award for bravery from Sheriff Rick Staly.

This courageous act of protecting the woman and fighting this shooter without a doubt saved lives that night,” Staly said, according to FoxNews. “I am honored to recognize David, who selflessly helped those in need and put his own life on the line to protect others.”

Anderson allegedly brought a gun into the pub, attacked the woman and fired six shots as he was being brought down because he was furious that he couldn’t find her keys. He is charged with many crimes, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, shooting into a building and operating a firearm while intoxicated.

Ghiloni described his feelings about the incident and emphasized his amazement at receiving the award, saying, “To be a nobody and then all of a sudden to be recognized by the sheriff, the chief and really the entire Palm Coast community. Now that I see the video and slow it down, I can see how bad it could have turned out.

Ghiloni was leaving Florida to move to New York, so Staly presented him with the FCSO Lifesaving Award before he left, according to PalmCoastObserver. The next FCSO Awards Ceremony, scheduled for January 26, 2023, will feature more salvage awards associated with this case.

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