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A 23-year-old Oregon man who was previously convicted of assaulting a federal police during demonstrations against the death of George Floyd will serve more than ten years in prison for brutally torturing and killing his infant son.According to the prosecution, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Andrew Lavin imposed a 12-year and 6-month jail term on Dakota Kurtis Means on Friday for the 2021 murder of 6-week-old Hunter Means.

Means struck a deal with the prosecution and pled guilty to one count of first-degree manslaughter and one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment for inflicting the fatal injuries on his infant son, according to a news statement from Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt. Prosecutors dropped a number of other charges against Means in return for his guilty plea, including one count of second-degree murder.

Dakota Kurtis Means Age

Dakota Kurtis Means is 23 years old.

Incident Detail

The Oregonian reported that Means and Hunter’s mother were keeping an eye on the youngster inside their flat in North Portland on April 17, 2021. The mother lit a cigarette and then asked Means to change Hunter’s nappy. She raced back inside when she heard Means shouting, only to find him cradling his son, who was apparently limp and unresponsive.

The infant’s many brain haemorrhages and several fractured ribs, which the physicians determined suggested the newborn had been abused frequently, were discovered when the then-married parents brought the youngster to a nearby hospital. The infant was put on life support and kept there until June 23 at the age of just 3 months, when he was declared dead.

Prosecutors said that Means beat the infant to death out of “extreme indifference to the value of human life” in court documents acquired by The Oregonian. Injuries to Hunter were evidence, according to the prosecution, that Means had “previously engaged in a pattern and practise of assault and torture” of the infant.

An counsel representing Hunter’s mother presented a victim impact statement during the sentencing hearing on Friday, according to the Oregonian, in which she talked about being pregnant with Hunter and listening to Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” repeatedly. The statement read, “I never imagined that it’d be a reality. “Hunter’s passing still gives me a void in my heart today. It will always be there. He was my bear cub. everything I am.

Means was already on probation when he was arrested in connection with Hunter’s killing for assaulting a federal police during George Floyd 2020 protests in Portland. For threatening a federal employee during the tense, occasionally violent demonstrations following white police officer Derek Chauvin’s murdering Floyd by kneeling on his neck for many minutes while he was in detention, Means received a sentence of 60 days time served and a year of supervised release.

In that instance, Chauvin was later found guilty of second-degree murder.government prosecutors claim that on August 24, 2020, Means pursued the government employee, yelling and threatening them while holding a paintball gun. According to the DOJ’s account, Means said, “It’s a paintball gun now, but it’s going to be an AR later.” According to the authorities, Means was making reference to an AR-15 assault gun.According to online court documents, Means admitted guilt on one count of assaulting a federal officer. On January 25, 2021, he received a second sentence.

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