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Cory Patterson, the man who stole a plane and threatened to bomb it at Walmart, has died in prison. On Monday, the 29-year-old man was found unconscious inside his cell at a Miami prison. The corrections department stated that Patterson was treated with life-saving measures, but his body did not respond.

The cause of death remains uncertain, although no injuries were noted on his body. Patterson was transferred to the Miami prison from Mississippi on Thursday. The rogue was jailed on charges of threatening terrorism and grand theft, but he passed away before his trial.

Cory Patterson Age

Cory Patterson was 43 years old.

Cory Patterson Cause of Death

Cory Patterson was arrested in September after threatening the northern Mississippi resident for hours. He stole a plane and kept flying in circles, threatening to crash the plane into the supermarket. Patterson had posted a suicide note on Facebook before taking the drastic step, in which he said that he loved his parents and his sister and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Fortunately, instead of crashing the plane into a Walmart, Patterson managed to land the plane safely in a nearby soybean field. He was arrested as soon as he got out, after which a note was found saying that he was sick of living. In the note, Patterson had written that he chose Walmart because it would have been easy to evacuate.

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