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A judge in Ohio sentenced a drug dealer who covered her kids with drugs worth $30,000 to a century in jail. The Muskingum County Prosecutors Office asserts that Victoria Barrientos, 27, was a part of a network that trafficked fentanyl and methamphetamine in the area. This was stated to Law and Crime.The allegations against Barrientos, 27, included engaging in a pattern of corrupt behavior, money laundering, attempted money laundering, corrupting another with drugs, and drug trafficking.

Barrientos entered a guilty plea to all of them.She had previously been found guilty of crimes related to drug misuse and money laundering, but she was released early into a halfway house after spending only 18 months. According to the prosecution, she talked to her lover Deangelo “D-Lo” Tellis, who is currently serving a 15 to 19-and-a-half-year term for being the drug ring’s leader, as she supplied fentanyl to a guy.She also attempted to reclaim custody of one of her kids while wearing them with a bag of narcotics disguised as baby wipes.

Victoria Barrientos Age

Victoria Barrientos is 32 years old.

Victoria Barrientos Incident Detail

Children’s services caseworkers responded to the scene and discovered the drugs. US Marshals located Barrientos and Tellis in Michigan before they were imprisoned, according to reports. Following a two-year investigation, roughly 32 pounds of cocaine, 13 guns, and $9,000 were found in Muskingum County. She was taken into custody after a traffic stop.

According to a press statement from the Muskingum County Prosecutors Office, Barrientos had more children with her who needed to be placed in appropriate care when Children’s Services arrived at the stop. “While sorting through the children’s care items, caseworkers found a large quantity of suspected suboxone strips which had been individually bagged for distribution,” according to the announcement.

The press release stated, “The drugs planted on the child have an estimated prison value of $30,000.”Barrientos, according to Assistant Prosecutor John Litle, was “addicted to the easy money of drug dealing” and deserved a severe punishment.

“The century of prison handed out to this operation stands as a reminder that the courts in this county will always impose those serious sentences,” he stated. One of the 14 Tellis group members who were convicted and are either serving or have completed their sentences is Barrientos.

After an associate was killed in Columbus in 2017, the organization began working outside of the city. According to the authorities, this squad was involved in some of the biggest narcotics busts in county history.

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