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Actress Carey Mulligan has traveled to the Ukraine to learn first-hand about the challenges faced by displaced families. The ‘Collateral’ star has been an ambassador for ‘Children in Conflict’, a humanitarian organization since 2014 to see the reality on the ground. Mulligan visited eastern Ukraine in October and saw how her organization has created a safe haven by rebuilding a restaurant and working to provide “additional education” and psychosocial support for children, she said. ”

They do art therapy. They’re just trying to create an environment in this old restaurant that’s been turned into a big communal house for a hundred people that feels like some kind of home for the kids,” said the 37-year-old. years. added the old actress. Mulligan, who played one of the lead roles in the critically acclaimed film ‘She Said’, revealed that she decided to visit a war-torn country, “[I] immediately wrote back and said, ‘I’d love to do anything to help ‘”.

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Carey Mulligan is 37 years old.

Incident Detial

The ‘An Education’ star is socially active and previously visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, an event organized by Children in Conflict and its sister organization War Child UK. Mulligan met with children who were forced into armed groups and later reintegrated into her society.

The Oscar nominee made a stop in Budapest on her visit to Ukraine so she could meet displaced families who have crossed the border. She shared an incident while with children in the Ukraine: “An air-raid siren went off when we were playing outside with the children, and you just see a shadow go over all of them and they flinch,” says Mulligan.

“And all the adults and teachers try to distract them and playfully encourage them to come in.” Mulligan, who shares two children with her husband Marcus Mumford, adds: “I think about my children being on a playground and hearing that noise and knowing what it means, or could mean, to them.

It’s very important that we put ourselves in the Instead of people going through this and thinking, ‘How the hell am I going to cope with this and what kind of support would I need?’ ” A fundraising event was organized at Webster Hall, on Monday 5th December, where many celebrities turned up to perform, including Carlile and Mumford.

Pianist Batiste was also on hand for the occasion, playing his famous piano numbers, while Lawrence hosted a reading from Joan Didion, People reports. Mulligan explains the focus areas of Children in Conflict, which supports young people in conflict areas around the world, who “have had no part in this war and have asked nothing of it, don’t understand it and have lived lives almost exactly like most people in England and America,” says Mulligan.

“And they’ve been completely shocked by the tragedy. I always end up thinking, ‘But they shouldn’t have to be strong or stoic or brave. They’re kids. They should just be kids and be able to run and run.” Don’t worry about things. And, of course, they are full of worries all the time, “she also says.

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