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Texas resident Cameron Hogg, 31, was arrested Thursday in the murder of 21-year-old Asia Womack because she hit him in basketball. The Dallas police had named him the main suspect in the shooting and murder of the young woman and they were finally able to arrest him on Thursday, October 20. He was charged with murder. Womack was a highly regarded athlete who had previously played for the James Madison High School Basketball Team.

Womack’s family alleged that he beat Hogg at basketball in a park across the street from his home. Hogg then took his children and his brother home before heading back to the park again. He had broken out in a verbal altercation between the two before he shot Womack 5 times. “On October 3, 2022, at approximately 7:40 p.m. m., Dallas Police were called to a shooting in the 4100 block of Hamilton Avenue,” police previously wrote.

Cameron Hogg Age

Cameron Hogg is 27 years old.

Incident Detail

“Preliminary investigation shows that when officers arrived they found Womack, 21, on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds. The Dallas Fire Department responded and took Womack to an area hospital where she died.” “He was supposed to be a friend from Asia,” his mother, Andrea Womack, told KDFW. “She ate with the man. She fed him, and he turned on her and killed her in a cruel way.” ”

We’re taking it a little bit hard because it didn’t make sense,” said Womack’s aunt, Juanita Smith. “I just don’t get why you kill someone in a basketball game,” Smith said. “When it gets to the point of leaving the scene, you go to the house, grab a gun and come back,” said Pastor John Delley, “but this doesn’t make sense. You’re basically embarrassed because a woman beat you at basketball.”

His obituary read: “Asia, affectionately known as “Fat Baby”, has had a passion for basketball from a young age. Asia was designed like no other. Her gift was expressed through her love of basketball. She had a big heart.” full of so much. love, joy, and laughter. She had a smile that could brighten your day. Asia was a member of the Gospel Tabernacle Church under the pastoral leadership of Bishop David E. Martin. She was an active participant in the Generation Next Ministry and the Youth Providence Ministry.”

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