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Convicted con artist Anna Delvey has big plans to pass the time during her house arrest, and it includes dinner parties! Yes, you read that right! Apparently, the scammer has her team buy kitchen decor and solicit donations from food and beverage companies to make the parties a huge success. famous talented founders, influencers, media and friends,” say the emails obtained by the New York Post.

The party series is expected to focus on different tabletop themes on “movements for social good” and “collective experiences across industries.” However, it appears plans are a long way from materializing, with her team saying in a statement: “Although not yet confirmed, the dinner series is one of many projects Anna currently has in development.”

Anna Delvey Age

Anna Delvey is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

It’s also been said that, unlike Delvey’s previous efforts, this one won’t cost guests anything. They are expected to happen monthly. Delvey, or Sorokin, as her real last name is, currently resides on a fifth floor walk-up in the East Village: the apartment has one bedroom and was listed for $4,250 a month. Despite being under house arrest and downsizing her housing establishments, Delvey is still excited about her ambitions to be a part of the rich and famous. This whole concept of a series of dinners isn’t the first of those plans:

He had already worked on something similar at the 281 Park Avenue South building, which went on the market for $135 million earlier this year. She was hoping to establish a kind of club for the crème de la crème to drink tea and have discussions. Delvey was found guilty of defrauding millions from banks, hotels and wealthy friends by faking her identity as a member of high society.

She was given a prison sentence of 4 to 12 years, but she managed to be released after serving only 2 years. In early October, she was released on $10,000 bail only to be placed under house arrest and banned from using social media. Delvey is now under constant surveillance, with an ankle monitor to monitor her movements. She has no access to social media and she is watched 24/7.

With all her restrictions, she seems like she still hopes to live the high life by turning her apartment into the private club she envisioned creating earlier. And if anyone doubts Delvey’s ability to pull this off, especially with her being watched and restrained, remember, she held an art exhibit while in detention and is now selling her prison sketches for up to $25,000. Well what do you know? If you can’t make it to the party, take the party to yourself!

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