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The nurse who allegedly tried to save rapper Takeoff after he was shot in downtown Houston said she was helpless and scared. The infusion nurse, who requested anonymity, resides near 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston, where Takeoff attended a private party, KHOU 11 reported. The 28-year-old rapper, Kirshnik Khari Ball, whose stage name is Takeoff, was shot twice . at a bowling alley where he and his bandmate and uncle, Quavo, were shooting craps around 2:30 am.

The unidentified nurse said: “I live nearby and I heard, ‘Pow pow pow pow pow,’ and stopped and said, ‘That’s so weird, so I got up in my pajamas, went to the balcony, my neighbors were under me.’ “I said ‘Did you hear that?’ And they said ‘Yes’. And I said, ‘I don’t think it was a car or firecrackers. They sounded like gunshots,'” he explained according to KHOU 11. The nurse reportedly said that she didn’t want to move because she saw people fleeing and believed there was an active shooter nearby, but when it all calmed down, she claimed to have heard a scream.

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Rapper Takeoff was 28 years old.

Rapper Takeoff Cause of Death

“I’m thinking that’s the victim. That is the person who was shot,” he said. “It sounded like a scream of agony. It was a scream of agony but emotional, not physical.” She later reportedly discovered that Quavo, another Migos member and Takeoff’s uncle, was the source of that scream. He was begging for an ambulance and trying to get help. The nurse claimed that it was then that she reportedly ran into the trunk of his car and snatched the supplies from him to help the injured victim, whom she later identified as Takeoff.

“You can hear my voice on video yelling ‘I’m a nurse. No, no, no. I’m a nurse,’ because I wanted you to know,” he said. “I was scared, but I had to go.” The nurse said that when he arrived “it was too late”. She said: “His head was very high and his eyes were blank and staring.” She further added, “and I saw a lot of blood behind his head.” She said that despite checking for a pulse multiple times, she allegedly knew Takeoff was already dead.

Social media users advised her to do CPR, but she said that wouldn’t have helped. “It wouldn’t be appropriate, especially with a gunshot wound,” the nurse said. “I would never do CPR because the blood would be circulating and the blood would come right out of the hole.” The nurse expressed her sympathy for the family as she has a son who is about Takeoff’s age.

She waits for someone to come forward and knows who shot her. She explained that she is telling her story because he just wants something positive to come out of it. “Someone who knows that good people sometimes show up, just because,” she said. The nurse said that despite speaking with Houston police, she was unable to offer any helpful information because she did not witness the actual shooting.

According to HPD, they are still looking for potential suspects and are urging anyone with information to come forward. According to CelebrityNetWorth, Takeoff was an American rapper with a net worth of $26 million. He was best known for being a part of the hip-hop group Migos, as mentioned above. His uncle Quavo and his cousin Offset are the other two members of the band. The group has several hits including ‘Versace’, ‘Bad and Boujee’, ‘MotorSport’ and ‘Stir Fry’.

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