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The parents of a 1-year-old child who passed away the night before July 4 in 2017 allegedly sought to deceive the victim’s grandparents by playing phoney baby cries over the phone. Almost six years after the baby’s bones were discovered in an attic, the mother is now facing criminal charges, including one for allegedly helping a fugitive.

The victim’s mother, Melody Townsend, 40, is suspected of helping the victim’s still-unidentified father in the wake of their daughter’s passing. About 20 miles outside of Chicago, in the attic of a burned-out and abandoned Markham house, the victim’s bones were found in a plastic bag.

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Ana Marie Townsend was 01 years old.

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According to WGN-TV, the owner had relocated to an assisted-living facility, leaving the house empty at the time. Townsend was recognised as a registered nurse by ABC 7 Chicago. According to the local TV affiliate WLS and State’s Attorney’s Office Deputy Supervisor Kathryn Morrissey, the medically trained Townsend decided to take a shower instead of dialling 911.

“Defendant Melody entered the hotel room after her return and saw the victim lying on the bed. The victim had aspirated and didn’t seem to be breathing. Even though the victim wasn’t cold, she wasn’t at body temperature when she went to wake her up, according to Morrissey. According to authorities, Townsend has been detained in Illinois since last Tuesday.

As of Monday, Townsend was charged with felony child endangerment and aiding/concealing a fugitive. The alleged fugitive has not yet been named or charged, despite the fact that she is accused of supporting them.Authorities apparently think that Townsend and the baby’s father were residing out of a hotel when she discovered her daughter unresponsive upon returning home from work.

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It took two years after the fire for the baby to be found, and even longer for charges to be brought. Prior to the fire, the victim reportedly had been physically mistreated, had alcohol and narcotics in her system, and had been slain. Surprisingly, according to the investigators, Townsend’s parents, who are also the baby’s grandparents, inquired about their granddaughter a number of times in the months following the fire.

In one phone call, Ana Marie’s father allegedly played “fake baby cries from the internet,” as WGN’s report called it, while the victim’s mother apparently tried to make up an excuse for why the cries didn’t sound like her baby. According to Townsend, the infant “was not feeling well.” After being shown a police sketch of the child, the mother allegedly lied to one of her parents again, denying that Ana Marie was the child in the sketch.

According to WGN, Townsend told detectives she had been lying and filled in some of the gaps.The baby died of “homicide by undetermined means,” according to the case’s primary investigator, however the police chief said that the infant was slain on or around July 3, 2017. The infant’s body, according to the authorities, was discovered in the attic after the fire service extinguished a “structure fire” at the abandoned house.

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Genius referred to the victim in the decades-long “cold case” only as Baby Jane Doe for the purposes of the press conference amid an ongoing investigation. The police chief stated that the residence had been empty before the incident. “The perpetrators of this heinous crime chose that location to bury the infant’s body.” Melody Townsend, the mother of the kid, was ultimately discovered, according to Genius.

The principal detective, Detective Sgt. Jessie Jones, verified that additional information enabled detectives to locate the defendant in California. Other than that, Jones consistently declined to comment on the specifics of the probe. Chief Genius returned to the podium to discuss the decision to file the case without homicide charges.

“The purpose of this has been to let the community and the media know that this baby has not been forgotten,” he added, adding that the situation is “evolving as we speak.” “On our mind for many years,” the chief added, referring to Baby Jane Doe. “It affected the whole city,” “The ultimate goal is still to find out who killed this child—how this child died,” Chief Genius added. ”

We want to find out who did that, how it happened, and obviously prosecute them. Justice must be served to this child.” This was merely to inform the neighbourhood that it is on the way; it has already been partially delivered. We already have someone in custody, the speaker continued. The police chief added, “For years, they were worried and scared,” referring to the neighbours who lived next door to the house where Ana Marie Townsend was discovered in a garbage bag.

Genius said that the probe had received covert support from other law enforcement agencies across the nation. The police chief’s succinct assessment of the investigation was “it’s complicated.” Townsend is now being held in custody and is due back in court on April 26 according to Cook County jail records examined by Law&Crime.

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