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The death of Elizabeth Santos is a stunning, confounding, and disappointing case. Elizabeth’s family has asked that anyone with knowledge about their daughter’s case contact them. Aged 37, Elizabeth Omotaro Santos resided in Wasilla, Alaska, a community adjacent to Anchorage.

She had fallen in love with the scenery and everything Alaska had to offer during her first vacation there a few years previously. Before arriving in Alaska, Santos started working at a club in Anchorage and briefly travelled back and forth. Elizabeth was known for having a vast circle of friends and for having a warm, compassionate heart.

Elizabeth Santos Age

Elizabeth Santos was 21 years old.

Elizabeth Santos Cause of Death

She maintained a lively social life and had a sizable group of friends. The news of Elizabeth Santos’ passing stunned her family and friends. They questioned if Santos would commit such a terrible murder and were perplexed.News of Elizabeth Santos’ passing is making the rounds in the media, and because the case is still open, public interest has grown.

Friends and family reported that everything seemed to be in order. However, when the events occurred, Santos’s family and coworkers were astounded and in shock.She temporarily moved into Lizette’s home on August 3 in order to give herself a few days to gather her thoughts following her split before Elizabeth Santos’ death.

After five days, on August 8, 2020, at about 6 a.m., Anchorage dispatchers got a 911 call detailing Santos’s self-harm episode.According to the report, Elizabeth lost consciousness permanently around 7:20 a.m. and her last words were the name of the hospital she wanted to be brought to.

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At 7:23 in the morning, Santos suffered a heart attack while in the ambulance. Elizabeth’s wounds weren’t expected to be as bad, according to the physicians. The physicians found 11 stab wounds total on her thighs and abdomen. Elizabeth Santos died from significant internal bleeding after several failed attempts to keep her stable following surgery.

Even though the police said they were ignorant of the full degree of the injuries, Elizabeth’s robe was torn apart and the wounds were visible.Elizabeth Santos had been dating Dustin since around 2011, and the two had been together.Another aspect of Elizabeth’s choice to relocate to Alaska was Dustin. Nevertheless, Elizabeth and Destin ended their nine-year relationship in late July 2020.

Elizabeth allegedly told a coworker about the breakup, and the coworker stated that Elizabeth was terrified to go get her stuff from her house. They detained Lizette and Desmond, according to the police report, and brought them to the Anchorage Police Department’s main office. Desmond was not in handcuffs when the picture was taken, and in spite of being detained, he was seen grinning and waving to spectators.

After the investigation, the police released Lizette and Desmond and allowed them to return home. Although the crime scene had been processed, neither DNA nor fingerprints had been looked for. The whereabouts of Elizabeth Santos’s former lover are not currently known, according to the internet. Police were unable to identify, of any of the seized weapons, which one was the knife that had cut Elizabeth.

After declining to conduct a follow-up investigation, the authorities treated Elizabeth’s family members disrespectfully and dismissively. On her death certificate, Santos’s cause of death was indicated as unknown. Her family has made numerous attempts to get in touch with Alaskan lawyers without luck. The Santos family is appealing for help from the public to help their daughter Elizabeth Santos receive justice.

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