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A 19-year-old mother in New Mexico will serve more than ten years in prison for throwing her newborn baby into a commercial skip behind a shopping centre early last year after stuffing the infant inside a plastic bag full of garbage. After a jury found Alexis Avila guilty of one count of attempted first-degree murder and one count of intentionally abusing a child that resulted in great bodily harm, the court ordered that she serve 18 years in prison on Monday, according to the authorities.

As a result of Avila’s psychiatric issues and advanced age, Judge Shoobridge decided to suspend the remaining two years of her sentence. Avila will really serve a 15-year sentence for her crime, with her 475 days of credit for time already served added in, and be freed at the age of 34. “This was an evil deed. Any mother would find it abhorrent to throw their own child into the trash, Judge Shoobridge said after imposing the sentence on Avila. ”

Alexis Avila Age

Alexis Avila is 19 years old.

Incident Detail

Your youngster was quite helpless. We most surely would be here sentencing you on a murder case instead of where we are now if it weren’t for God’s favour and the good fortune of the three skip divers who discovered your child. He said that the child’s survival in the arctic environment where Avila dumped him was a miracle.

A heavier punishment was requested by the prosecution, who also emphasised Avila’s apparent lack of regret throughout the incident. Attorney General Deputy of Prosecution Mark Probasco said, “Your Honour, what we see here is a pattern of someone who is not only showing remorse, but someone who, in fact, takes deliberate steps in her own recollection of this event to minimise her own role.”

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She attempted to kill her own child, who was the most helpless and innocent life, which was something that was plain and obvious on the video.On Monday, Avila spoke to the court and expressed her contrition for her deeds.”I regret that I deprived him of having a loving and caring family,” she said. “Yes, he has his father and his father’s family, but when my family and I love, we love deeply and to the best of our abilities.

Family means everything to me and my family. To my parents and I, my niece and nephew are everything.In a press release, Lea County District Attorney Dianna Luce hailed the sentencing, calling it “Justice for Baby Boy.””We are thankful that the Court found that this especially heinous crime was a serious violent offence and that the defendant will receive a just punishment for committing this crime against an innocent newborn,” Luce said in a statement after the sentence session.

This phrase serves as a warning that anyone attempting to kill innocent children will be held accountable.On January 7, 2022, officers from the Hobbs Police Department and members of Emergency Medical Services responded to a 911 call of a newborn that had been discovered in a dumpster in the 1400 block of North Thorp, behind a Rig Outfitters and Home Store, not far from the state’s eastern border with Texas.

According to Hobbs’ interim Police Chief August Fons, when first responders arrived at the site at around 8 p.m., they discovered two males standing close to the dumpster and a female seated inside a car holding the baby.The umbilical cord was still attached, according to the authorities, and the baby was wrapped in a soiled, damp, and bloody bath towel. Before rushing the child to a nearby hospital for treatment, EMS provided aid. The infant was transported to Lubbock Hospital in Texas shortly after arriving at the institution for more advanced paediatric care.

When they heard wailing coming from a black garbage bag, the three persons who discovered the infant claimed they were searching for “anything of value” that may have been thrown away. They took the sack off, thinking it was a dog or cat, only to find the baby inside. As one of the men dialled 911, the woman took the infant into the car and held him there to keep him warm.

The owner of Rig Outfitters provided the investigators with surveillance camera footage that showed a white four-door Volkswagen Jetta arriving into the almost empty parking lot and halting in front of a row of three substantial green dumpsters at around 2 p.m.

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