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A Putnam County woman has been arrested twice in the past six days on charges of assault and child abuse, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. Candice Stroud’s first arrest was on February 18 on an assault charge. She was then re-arrested on February 23 on child abuse charges, which officers say is a charge that stems from her first arrest.

According to her arrest report, Stroud struck her husband “in the back with his fist” and pulled a “lock of [his] hair” from her. The sheriff’s office said her husband was seeking an injunction against Stroud when he showed her deputies videos of her abusing a child. Investigators also interviewed the boy Stroud accuses of abusing.

Candice Stroud Age

Candice Stroud is 28 years old.

Candice Stroud Incident Detail

The girl told investigators that she was hit in the face with her “several times with a phone.” investigation by the Department of Children and Families, could mean that a child is removed from a home. Curtis Fallgatter, a former federal prosecutor, called this situation “unusual” since in his decades of practice he had not seen a case similar to Stroud’s.

“I have done many battery cases. Child abuse cases, if they occur on the same day, are typically expected to be resolved with a single arrest,” Fallgatter said. Since the reports detail allegations of child abuse, DCF has to investigate, Fallgatter said. Depending on his findings, it could affect how Stroud deals with certain children in the future.

“If they believe that she is an unfit mother or a potential danger to her children, there are many things they can do. One is, of course, that they can have supervised visitation or they can take the kids out of the house,” Fallgatter said. Fallgatter also said that based on DCF’s findings, parenting classes and counseling may also be required.

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