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Mama June Shannon sent a heartfelt message of apology to her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson on her 17th birthday. June lost custody of her daughter after she was arrested on drug possession charges with ex-boyfriend Geno Doak. According to TMZ, the 43-year-old reality star texted her daughter, “I hope you have a great day,” adding, “I’m so proud of [you] with everything … graduating from high school that [ its a big problem. I know I’ve put you through a lot and I’m sorry.”

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Alana Thompson is 14 years old.

Incident Detail

June added that she was “here now” whenever her daughter needed her. She wrote: “I know I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m doing my best. I know there is a LOT to work and work to do, but I am confident that we will get it done.” The ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption’ star ended the message by sending “love” to her daughter Alana. June told TMZ on Tuesday, Aug. 29, that Alana thanked her mom in her reply, adding that she loved her too.

The mother-daughter duo have had a strained relationship since her June 2019 arrest, after which her other daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, was awarded custody of Alana on April 11. Speaking to Page Six, June said: “I see her, I talk to her. We communicate. So there was no difference. The only difference is that she’s not sitting here next to me in my house every day.” Pumpkin stepping up, I’m so thankful that she could have turned into a bad situation. By the time Alana moved in with Pumpkin at first, she couldn’t even take care of myself, let alone take care of me. No one else’s”.

Alana replied, “A lot has happened, but I’m over it now.” Alana replied, “A lot has happened, but I’m over it now.” According to PEOPLE, although June is working on her sobriety and her relationship, Alana is having a hard time deciding how much she should let her mother back into her life. She said, “I’m at the age where I don’t like to sit there, like, ‘Oh, I just wish my mommy would come home,'” adding, “Mom’s going to do what mom’s going to do whether it’s her We say don’t do it or don’t.” She added, “I’m graduating soon, but should I even invite you to my graduation because you’re coming?” After pondering that question, Alana said, “She’s not going to be there just because she wants to be there.”

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