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In a rare display of bravery, a woman stood her ground against an armed carjacker, refusing to give in to his threats. Security footage captured the moment Iris Bond Gill sternly said “No!” to an armed robber who demanded the keys to her car on August 23, around three in the afternoon.

Instead, Gill dared the hooded robber to shoot him, looking him straight in the eye. After the gunman left the area without shooting her, Gill spoke to WTTG-TV about her terrifying experience. It was shortly after 3:20 p.m. m. that day when Gill parked her car and got out to check her bag while she waited on 10th Street NE. Suddenly, the armed car thief appeared in front of her, surprising her. The woman screamed, threw her black bag and her scarlet purse to the ground, and raised her hands. However, Gill abruptly changed her tone and yelled “What the hell!”. and she charged at the shooter.

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Iris Bon Gill is 30 years old.

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She told WTTG-TV that the robber threatened to kill her and demanded that she give him her car keys. “I’ll kill you,” the criminal allegedly told her as he threatened her. In the video, Gill can be seen looking at the criminal before firmly yelling “No!” at him and challenge him to shoot him. As soon as Gill yelled at the gunman, the culprit backed away and prepared to flee. Then, as Gill steps back for a second, he approaches her once more and raises her gun in the air to point it at her. But Gill finally prevailed in the confrontation and the criminal fled. According to DC police, no arrests have yet been made.

In the interview with WTTG, Bon Gill said: “I saw the video and to be honest I saw a young man in front of me [like] many young people I’ve worked with over the years. And somehow, I think I also went into an almost punishing mode with him.” He clarified to the station that he was not urging other people to respond the same way she did. He also simply stressed that it was her instinctive response and that he believes that people should follow their own instincts in situations like this.

“You know, it’s really hard to think about that right now. I don’t remember exactly, but I know, I knew I was in danger. So I just threw my bag down and got ready for the confrontation,” she further said. When WTTG asked Bond Gill what she hoped others would learn from her terrifying experience, she responded, “We need stronger communities. You see the suspect backing away when a car comes by, but no one stopped to help or could really intervene.”

“I think there’s power in the community in a lot of ways, and I think one, you know, we can advocate for more lights and more cameras and certainly community policing is part of that and kicks in. But it was really a camera on someone’s house. And it was a passing car, which was not driven by any official, but only by an individual who scared him away. Gone are the days when elderly neighbors sat on the porch all day and watched and waved . when you came home from work. I think in a way trying to think about how to preserve this intergenerational neighborhood is very valuable. We’ve lost a lot of that in the city with mass displacement. So I think just having more people around that it is known and supported would be of great help”, he concluded.

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